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Opinion: An anti-masker challenged me to a fist fight in a Burnaby mall over this photo

When was the last time someone challenged you to a fight?

When was the last time someone challenged you to a fight? I don’t mean challenged you to a debate or an argument, but an actual according-to-Hoyle fist fight?

For me, it was back in Grade 8 at Burnaby North Secondary School. I say “was” because that streak was broken on Thursday when an anti-masker challenged me to a fist fight.

In a local mall.

All because I said people need to follow the public health order mandating masks in indoor public spaces.

We’re about a year into the COVID-19 pandemic with millions of deaths and people are still arguing against taking any sort of precautions.

I posted a column earlier this week after witnessing a dude wandering around Lougheed Town Centre without a mask before setting himself down on some furniture, and then going into stores.

I mean it’s a clear violation of a public health order, but that’s not good enough for Andy, who messaged me on Facebook with some really unkind words (See the screenshot above).

“Saw your article in the paper about a guy in Lougheed Mall not wearing a mask. How is it any of your f***ing business you goof. Maybe the guy has a medical exemption. F*** you goof. Mind your own F***ing business. You got a problem with anything Ive said goof we can meet at the mall and Id be happy to push your face in”

Terrible grammar aside, there are a few points to address.

One is Andy’s constant use of the word “goof” – that is no accident. That word is used in prison parlance to mean a child molester, which seems hyperbolic considering I just wanted someone to follow the rules. But these folks can’t make an argument without taking things to 11, as the folks in Spinal Tap would say.

Second is the misdirection about medical exemptions. If you truly can’t wear a mask due to a health reason, you shouldn’t be just wandering around a mall and lounging on some furniture. You also shouldn’t be going into a store and just browsing. If you had any sense of decency, you would only go to a store in an absolute emergency and do it quickly. There are plenty of delivery services for things you need to buy.

As for minding my own business, well, having someone near me without a mask is my business because they are putting my health at risk.

As for the fighting part, that’s just childish. I don’t mind people yelling at me (another reader messaged me to say I was a "frustrated homosexual") but threatening violence is, of course, crossing the line.

Grow up, Andy.

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