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Opinion: Covidiot wants to ‘throw down’ with me in a Burnaby mall over masks

One dude would rather 'brawl' than wear a mask for a few minutes
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This woman got upset after being told to wear a mask in a Burnaby restaurant.

I was shocked on Wednesday to reach people’s reactions to that pathetic anti-mask and anti-vaxxer “protest” held outside of Vancouver General Hospital that include these clowns blocking the path of an ambulance (see video below).

What shocked me were the reactions of people who were surprised at how many people were involved.

Have you folks not been paying attention?

The number of Covidiots in B.C. is bigger than many people realize, something shown in the numbers of people who have refused to get vaccinated despite ample evidence of how effective the COVID-19 vaccine is in protecting people even if they get coronavirus.

I know how many of these folks are out there because they fill up my email inbox on a daily basis.

“You pathetic spineless worm. Bootlicking cuck,” said one person in response to my recent column about how anti-maskers were openly defying the mask rule that was reinstated for indoor public spaces last week.

I wrote about people ignoring the mask rule at Metropolis at Metrotown and Lougheed Town Centre and even laughing when others pointed this out.

I got a lot of conspiracy theorists writing in response, including one guy who wrote more than 2,000 words filled with wild theories.

One anti-masker even challenged me to meet him at Lougheed mall and “throw down” over the issue. Yep, dude wanted to “brawl” to “teach me a lesson” about writing about public health rules. Disagree with Dr. Bonnie Henry all you want, but this is the rule and you can’t just ignore it.

Oh, and I won’t be fighting anyone.

Here are some more reactions (foul language alert):

“Your whole story I bullshit and your are part of the problem. So go ahead keep using the pandemic scare to make money, this whole bullshit makes the news money, it makes your articles money. You guys are liars who spread fear and support the segregation of Canadian families all for a couple bucks.”

“Get vaccinated you dufus. Wrapping some shirt cloth around your head makes little difference. Espescially with the Indian variant`s higher viral load. But lets not let science get in the way of politics...”

“The mistake is the author is a non science Karen. Masks do not work. New studies show they fail to stop are Saint Bonnie flip flop Henry sheeple...and she is a long government employee who hasn't seen a patient in decades. She is a politically controlled puppet.”

“Fuck you and your corrupt journalism!!!! Promoting medical apartide and forcing people into action! Shame!!!!!!!!!!!?”

Well, anyways, get vaccinated and please wear a mask and keep your distance as much as possible when in indoor public spaces.

Cases keep going up and we need to stop the spread so we can attempt to get back to a more normal life.

Follow Chris Campbell on Twitter @shinebox44.