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Bob Kronbauer: $24-million Shaughnessy mansion listing shows dirty laundry

Dare to daydream

A five-bedroom, nine-bathroom, 9,949-square-foot Shaughnessy mansion that you and I will never own has hit the market this week, and one of the photos in the listing is both revealing and instructive.

The home, located at 1318 Minto Cres., has a pool and hot tub, a private basketball court, a fireplace in the master bathroom, and much more.

It also has a laundry room. You can tell because in the listing photo of it, they've left laundry out as well as a dirty rag drying on the edge of the sink.

As you and I both know, a laundry room is where people place their soiled (ew) clothes into a thing called a washing machine, which cleans them.

Next to the washing machine is, generally, a thing called a dryer, which looks a lot like a washing machine but has an entirely different purpose! It dries the clean clothes after they're removed from the washing machine.

A human (in some households known as "the help") then folds or hangs the clothes, and puts them back in the closet, and in drawers.

The dirty rag sitting on the edge of the sink in the listing photo is - to this writer, anyway - a signal that if you were to own this home you would never set foot in this disgusting room.

The clothes have been placed there to give you a hint of what goes on here, in case the washer and dryer didn't tip you off.

This property can be yours for monthly mortgage payments of $112,472 at a 4.74% interest rate, with a $5,000,000 down payment.

Depending on your means you may have to do the laundry yourself to save money.