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Bob Kronbauer: This is the most Squamish house to ever hit the market

Shred your private 3' indoor skateboard ramp

The city of Squamish B.C. bills itself as the "outdoor recreation capital of the world," and the most Squamish home of all time just went up for sale there.

Located at 1375 Depot Rd in the Brackendale area, it's partly oh-so-Squamish because it's located steps from "the largest bald eagle gathering in the world."

It's also a few short blocks from one of the two best salmon fishing rivers in Southern B.C. - the eagles gather at the Squamish River because there are so many salmon that spawn in it. Coho, Chum, and Pinks all make their way here each year in decent numbers. There are also a few Chinook you can spot.

The home is located near Alice Lake Provincial (outdoor recreation) Park, but the real adventure lies inside!

Beyond the beautiful wood beam construction, massive amount of space, and roll-up door that opens up onto a private patio of your own, there's a private mini ramp for you to skate. Inside!

From the photo of the ramp in the listing it looks to be around a three-foot mini, and it's connected to the massive garage where you'll be able to store and service your bikes, skis, and all the stuff you need to enjoy the area.

If and when you decide to buy this place, please invite me over to shred the ramp. I'll help you swap out the PVC coping that's on it now for proper steel, which it should have been built with. That's literally the only thing I can see wrong with this home.