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Letter: Steve Moore faked Todd Bertuzzi ending his career, as a 'money grab'

Tyler Sloss has some thoughts
Todd Bertuzzi

I made the mistake of reading your pitiful write up on Todd Bertuzzi being one of the most hated players in Vancouver, and I cant help but have to respond. As a “journalist/writer” whichever you claim to be, You may want to check your facts again, according to the poll and vast popular opinion, Vancouver loves Todd, he did amazing things for the city and hockey team.

It’s truly amazing the extent going nowhere fast journalist, like yourself, will go to. Leaves me wondering, assuming, jumping to the conclusion, that you likely never played hockey before, or any sport of passion!

Sure the outcome, to Steve Moore’s so called “injury”, is never what one wants.  I say, so called, because it was merely a money grab. A perfect opportunity for Moore to make some real money. Money he never would have earned through his own hockey career. 

That being said, hurting another is never what someone goes on the ice to do! Did Moore need an awakening, or a payback for a previous hit, absolutely. Again, assuming you wouldn’t know what it is like to feel the passion or desire in playing a sport. And I am assuming if you have played a sport, you’re the Moore! Folding like a cheap suit! You mentioned douche! Yup. There are a few instances in life where everyone can self reflect and admit to being a douche. This article, I would say, is one of those times for yourself.  The best part of it is, Todd is still getting dead beat journalists writing about something that happened over a decade ago!  Let the man live and end the crusade to tarnish the amazing things he did in Vancouver.

Have you and your “group of Friends” devoted years of service entertaining fans in a city, sacrificing your body, mind and family time to a sport? Aside from sitting behind a computer and slandering people, what do you do good for the city of Vancouver?

You’re the problem with people today! The fact that you have a public forum to share your unsolicited views with the public is shameful.

It’s the truth 

Sorry about that! 

- Tyler Sloss