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Bob Kronbauer: The real snow heroes are your neighbours

Thank you!

Last night and this morning's snow resulted in considerable delays for most Metro Vancouverites, anger over snow management plans, and a whole lot of pictures and videos of the beauty and the chaos sprinkled over top for good measure.

With more snow in the forecast for the week, and staff of every municipality in the region doing the best that they can with the tools (and the budgets) they've been equipped with, I'm sitting here at my cozy desk with a suggestion: let's give thanks.

Thanks to those people employed by our cities, out there doing their jobs in this mess, making it safer for us.

Thanks to the people who aren't getting paid to deal with snow removal. The warriors with shovels and bags of ice-melter.

Thanks to anyone being generous with their patience, and thanks to those "non-essential" (essential!) workers showing up at their jobs to serve you coffee, or whatever it is that helps make your day a little easier.

They're all your neighbours, and they're heroes.