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The Greens just printed out 100,000 pamphlets with the wrong info on them

The Vancouver Green Party sent out a formal apology this week to their candidate David Wong, after printing out 100,000 copies of a promotional pamphlet containing the wrong information about him

 David Wong. Photo Vancouver GreensDavid Wong. Photo Vancouver Greens

The Vancouver Greens sent out a press release this afternoon letting the media know about an error they made this week.

They're saying that they printed 100,000 "newspapers" (which would more properly be described as "political pamphlets on newsprint") to promote their candidates and platform. On those pamphlets they managed to include the wrong information about their candidate David Wong, who is running for a council seat.

They described him as "a Green Party founder and incumbent city councillor going for re-election" which is, of course, closer to Adrienne Carr's bio. David has never been elected to office, and according to their website "is a proud multi-generational Vancouverite" and "A vocal and active community advocate, [who] has helped found over 30 organizations, is a bestselling author, architect, and urban ecologist."

The error was printed "inadvertently", as they were rushing to get it out.

In the release, Carr is quoted as saying that "Rarely is anything perfect, and minor typos are often given a pass, but this one requires an apology. The fear that we'd miss our press deadline led me to just give it a cursory final proof-read. It's my fault and I take full responsibility".

Since they are the Green party and all they've decided not to reprint the pamphlets. Partly because they can't afford it but perhaps mostly because that'd be a frickin' waste.

In the grand scheme of things this could hardly be considered a huge mistake. Certainly not as big as the one I previously wrote about in this column where they essentially had to eject one of their candidates for lying about a pending lawsuit during the vetting process. Had our publication not brought it to their attention they would never have known about it.

This story has been updated to reflect an adjustment in the headline


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