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YVR Airport apologizes for encouraging people to hit on passengers seated next to them on flights

It probably didn't go over as well as they had hoped it would
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YVR Airport issued an apology from their @yvrairport Twitter account this morning due to an earlier tweet they made.

The apology reads "Earlier today, we put out a tweet that was intended to celebrate Valentine’s Day and spark some lighthearted chatter. We missed the mark. Sorry, everyone. Tweet has been deleted."

Apparently their social media team thought it would be a good idea to execute an online contest where they would reward someone with passes to a date night event at the Vancouver Aquarium if they delivered the best on-board pickup line.

The tweet is below, and the general reaction to it on Twitter seemed to be a consensus that the airport should maybe not be encouraging people to be sleazebags who hit on passengers seated next to them on airplanes.

"Inappropriate question and challenge YVR!" said one user.

"Go home YVR - your social media is drunk," commented another.

And "Yikes. Gross. Leave your seatmates alone," tweeted another unimpressed user.

The response which got the most Likes was from someone who took them up on answering how they would act should the situation arise where someone they were attracted to were seated next to them on an airplane:

"I remain absolutely silent the entire ride and hope my respect for their privacy arouses them."

yvr-valentines-tweetTwitter screengrab