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EXCLUSIVE: We've obtained a photo of NPA mayoral candidate Ken Sim smiling

The NPA's mayoral candidate in 2018, Ken Sim, is not known for displaying the human emotion of happiness. We have obtained this rare photo of him smiling.

 Ken Sim smiling. Photo Dan ToulgoetKen Sim smiling. Photo Dan Toulgoet

We've done what many said was impossible; we have obtained a photo of the NPA's mayoral candidate, Ken Sim, smiling.

Back in June I mused that it could happen that we'd see Sim smile before the election on October 20th, but this photo still came as a bit of a shock.

At 47 years old the man has a lot to smile about. He’s an accomplished businessman and appears to have a happy family. Having co-founded the Nurse Next Door home-care company and, more recently, Rosemary Rocksalt bagels, if Gregor Robertson was “The Juice Man” Sim could very well become known as “The Bagel Man” ("The Nurse Man" just doesn't have as much of a ring to it).

For months I've been monitoring the candidate's social media accounts, examining photos of him in other media, and checking in with our sister publication the Vancouver Courier to see if they've managed to shoot any photos of him exposing his teeth.

Dan Toulgoet, the Courier's staff photographer, delivered this week!

Shown in this extremely rare moment above are ken Sim's actual chompers.

It was captured at city hall while the NPA's candidates were hanging out for photo ops, filing their nomination papers.

Sim was having a friendly game of ping pong when, out of nowhere, he physically displayed the human emotion of happiness.

Just as soon as it appeared, it was gone. Looking over Toulgoet's shoulder at the tens of photos he captured of Sim that day, this seems to be the only one of its kind.

We'll see if we can't get a smile out of him during our mayoral debate this coming Monday.

 Ken Sim will be participating in Our 2018 mayoral debate took place on September 17th at SFU Harbour Centre and is available to view online


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