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'Lots of natural sunlight': Downtown Vancouver room for rent is tiny solarium with three glass walls

It's on the market for $1,200 per month

With the cost of one-room rentals in Metro Vancouver still outpacing the rest of Canada, finding creative ways to fit roommates in has become more common.

In one apartment in Vancouver, that means a tiny space surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows is going for $1,200 per month, which is significantly cheaper than the average rent for those living alone ($2,377), but it doesn't offer much space.

The solarium is in a one-bedroom apartment just steps away from BC Place and Rogers Arena; the listing notes it has a bedroom, a den, and a solarium, and that there are already two women living there.

The solarium itself, as seen in a video on the Facebook Marketplace ad, only has space for a single bed. The door barely closes and there's no other furniture in the room (though there's space under the mattress).

While three walls are made of glass, one (between the room and the kitchen/living room) has been covered by plastic sheets to make it more private. Blinds can cover the other two (one of which looks onto the unit's deck). 

"Lots of natural sunlight," reads the ad.

The ad notes there's also in-suite laundry, "free internet" and "free power;" it doesn't mention anything about additional space where the new renter can store items.