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Two empty lots listed in B.C. town for $7,500 each

Holy moly!
Lots are going for cheap in Tumbler Ridge B.C.

Two adjacent empty lots in Tumbler Ridge have hit the market for a mere $7,500 each.

The municipality is located inside a UNESCO Global Geopark, about 120 kilometres south of Dawson Creek, and its 2,000 residents enjoy a life filled with outdoor activities.

The once-bustling coal mining community has seen better days as most of that industry has packed up and left, and one of the results has been real estate listings like this. A few months ago, 22 lots were listed for less than $28,000 each.

One of the catches here is that you'll have to buy two connected lots - located at 145 and 147 Steeprock Close - but at $15,000 it's still an enticing investment. Heck, many readers likely have enough room on their credit card for that kind of purchase. 

Another catch is that the real estate market in Tumbler Ridge is obviously not as hot as it is in the lower half of B.C. so there's no doubt you'll have to hold onto this either as a long-term investment or as a place to park a mobile home for when you visit the north.