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Photos: Cheap downtown Vancouver room rental just a mattress, nightstand, and two outlets

At $800 it's cheap for the area, but you don't get much.

If you need to live in downtown Vancouver and a cheap place to rent, options are few and far between.

A new one has popped up on Craigslist, so long as the renter is ok with limited space and amenities.

The room is called a "den" in the ad, but it's little more than a closet. Photos show a tiny space barely big enough for a twin mattress (which is lying on the floor).

Beyond the bed there's not much; it appears there are two wall outlets, and a small nightstand sits in the entrance, nearly blocking the door.

Rent for the tiny space, located near Robson Square, is $800.

The roommates in the apartment are looking for someone to snap up the minuscule bedroom quickly, after whoever was living there "unexpectedly left."

"The apartment is fully furnished and you can even use our dishes and everything," writes one of the roommates.