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Photos: These 2 float homes are some of the cheapest houses in Vancouver (and the prices just sank)

The two homes are both in Coal Harbour

With the price of land such that it is in Vancouver, perhaps it's not surprising that two of the lowest-priced standalone homes on the market right now don't just standalone but also float.

Both these float homes have been on the market for a while, though, and their prices appear to be sinking.

Last year V.I.A. wrote about a float home for sale in Coal Harbour; at the time it was listed for $1.3 million. The price has now come down by $150,000 and it is currently listed for $1.15 million.

Even earlier, there was a story about another Coal Harbour float home on the market; in 2022 the little red home was listed for $449,000. It's now listed for $399,900.

Both are listed as single-family and detached on and as a house on REW.

Given that, the little red floating home is the cheapest detached home in Vancouver, by $600,000.

That said, it's also one of the smallest homes around, with 484 square feet of living space and no land value. There is a rooftop deck, though, and it is very much a waterfront home.

Meanwhile, at the neighbouring place going for $1.15 million, there's more space (1192 square feet), a fire pit, and a very cottage-like atmosphere inside.

It should be noted, for those calculating the costs, life on the water comes with moorage, which is almost $12,000 per year at the Coal Harbour Marina, and the city requires a license to allow people to live aboard things, so that's another $1,900.

There are two other standalone homes on the market right now that are in the range of $1.15 million, both are smaller than the larger float home and are recently built structures.