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The cheapest piece of land for sale in Vancouver is this $250K ‘micro property’

It's only slightly larger than a semi-truck and trailer

It may be one of the cheapest properties in Vancouver for some time, but it's also one of the smallest.

At $249,000 the empty lot (which could be confused with a driveway) is undeniably more budget-friendly than the multi-million dollar homes that are becoming increasingly common, but 1916 William St. near Commercial Drive is going to be a difficult place to build a home.

The empty lot is just 9 feet wide, and 60 feet deep. That's a bit bigger than a semi-truck and trailer.

For those who'd say it's about the size of a shoebox, it's actually the size of about 556 shoe boxes. We did the math.

Real estate agent Christian Chiapetta suggests on the property's REW listing that it'd be the perfect spot for a tiny house.


While Chiapetta notes plans for a tiny house are included with the property, the city hasn't approved them yet. But he's certain that tiny homes will be a trend, he writes, and this is a chance to get ahead of the trend.

"You want an alternative to a cookie-cutter studio in East Van?" he writes on the property's listing on his website. "You want an alternative to strata fees?"

"You want your own piece of dirt?"

On a self-guided tour of the empty lot, Vancouver Is Awesome did note that while there wasn't much else there, there was indeed dirt.

Currently, it's nestled between a rather tall hedge on one side and a house on the other. The property is mostly gravel, grass and the aforementioned dirt, with a neighbour's shed at the back.

Chiapetta adds that it's the cheapest property for sale in Vancouver right now. On it's the cheapest standalone property for sale right now; a couple of parking sports and wine cellars in Vancouver House are listed as cheaper.

According to BC Assessment, the property sold in July of 2020 for $88,000. They've assessed the property at $4,900.