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#InTheVillage on False Creek Part 62: Discovering the Secrets of Science World Through My Un-Commute

Welcome to In The Village on False Creek , a unique project inspired by Live@YVR and 365 Days of Dining .

The Village on False Creek Welcome to In The Village on False Creek, a unique project inspired by Live@YVR and 365 Days of Dining. I've moved my family into this community with my mission being to showcase the myriad of things that make it awesome by bringing you a weekly scoop!

As we get closer to the end of this year-long project I've been reflecting back on all of the posts I've made, and the ones that I haven't made. Last week I SHARED some of the secrets of Habitat Island and answered the question "Why does it even exist?", revealing some insights that I was previously holding close to my chest and distributing only as surprising info nuggets on walking tours. Shortly after publishing it (and noting the City had just put in bike racks) I was surprised when I saw the new public bike pump pop up at Science World (HERE is a piece from Scout that focuses on its cousin in Strathcona). It reminded me that I'd been meaning to share my commute with you, which I dubbed as "The Un-Commute" to myself some months back.

This commute and the location of our home is one of the main reasons my family is going to stay in our rental unit after this project is up. Every weekday morning I kiss my wife and son goodbye and walk a block to the seawall where I'm afforded a view of BC Place, downtown, and the mountains. Often the smell of the ocean wafts up as I waltz past Science World, board the Skytrain at Main and make my way 3 stops to Burrard station, then a few steps to where the V.I.A. office is now located. It's a faster commute than when our office was within walking in Chinatown and every single morning I feel fortunate to be able to take in the beauty of this city before I sit down in front of my computer. My job is to remind you of what makes your city awesome and I am immersed in it every single day before I arrive at it.

I'm also one of the first to spot things happening at Science World before the press releases even reach my inbox. I snapped this photo a couple of months back of a dude installing a wind turbine in the Ken Spencer Science Park (click HERE if you don't know what this new part of Science World is all about).

Upon spotting this turbine I quickly emailed our friends at Science World and they told me that it's all a part of a larger exhibit around energy, where "A giant, high energy, musical and human-powered kinetic ball game compels visitors to explore the power of their own muscles to do work. Pedaling stations allow visitors to engage in playful competition as they explore what it means to generate, transfer, store and release energy.". And it just opened on Saturday! Go!

Learn more at and stay tuned each week as I expose the unique qualities of our new community.

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