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Stunning Okanagan winery listed for sale

It includes a home, two guest cabins, horse stables, and a lot more

The Baccata Ridge Winery in the Okanagan region of B.C. is up for sale.

They produce traditional wines from grapes as well as berry wine from blueberries grown on-site, and mead from honey taken from hives they maintain on the property.

It's 43 acres with 12 acres of blueberry bushes, 14 acres of rotating crops (like alfalfa), and all of the equipment required to process wines.

Oh, and a 1,494 sq ft home which has a pool as well as a pond that's stocked with rainbow trout.

And a 1,678 sq ft horse stable.

Other structures include a large shop, two small guest cabins (110 sq ft and 117 sq ft in size), and a small cottage where wine tastings take place.

One thing you'll want to know before you decide to pick up and move to Grindrod is how to pronounce it. It's (grin-räd) not (grind-räd). Like you're grinning at a rod, not grinding a rod. The last thing you'll want to do is be hanging out at the pub in nearby Enderby telling people you live in grind rod.

The winery is being listed for $4,850,000 through Landquest Realty.