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This $33-million Vancouver mansion has a basketball court, pool and golf room (PHOTOS)

It's fit for a Fresh Prince...of Shaughnessy

If they were to revive Fresh Prince in Vancouver, this might be the perfect house in which to set it.

With a pool, pool house and half basketball court, it's certain fictional Will Smith would enjoy much of it. Of course, at $33 million it's actually more realistic for someone in real Will Smith's tax bracket.

But swimming and playin' b-ball outside are only a few of the things residents of 1318 Minto Cres. can do. The nearly 10,000 square foot building also houses a golf room (that is, it's one of those setups where you hit the ball and a computer calculates where it'd end up). It even features floor-to-ceiling photos of real golf courses to really pump up the experience.

There's also a billiards/rec room, home theatre, home gym (and by home gym, this isn't just a Peloton bike in the guest bedroom) and downstairs bar, all ideal for the pandemic.

There's also a quite frankly massive garage.

For quieter times there's also an outdoor fire pit, huge barbecue, an amazing bathtub and a hot tub, all with modern designs since it was built in 2018.