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This tiny apartment in East Vancouver is going for $1,200

Is this the smallest kitchen in Vancouver?

An apartment recently posted on Craigslist may have the smallest kitchen in Vancouver, along with three other small rooms.

At just 375 square feet it's a small place (though the city's definition of a micro-dwelling sets the bar at 250 square feet).

The most notable feature is the kitchen which is surprisingly narrow. At 3'8" in width it's about as wide as an emperor penguin is tall or the wingspan of a red-tailed hawk; there's not a lot to compare such a narrow space to outside of birds.

The photos included in the ad show how narrow the space is. There's a special narrow (yet very tall) fridge at one end, a narrow counter running the length of the space, and an oven (new!) at the other end. It's so narrow the faucet had to be installed on the side of the sink. Is the word narrow starting to lose all meaning for you?

While the kitchen's width is...notable, it's not the only room like that, the bathroom, according to the floor plan in the ad, isn't any wider except where the bathtub is.

The living room and the bedroom are the big rooms of the apartment, measuring 120 square feet and nearly 69 square feet respectively (according to the floor plan, which adds up to less than half the space).

Renovations have happened recently, which may explain the odd sizes. Nearly everything is new, from the toilet to the fridge to the paint.

The $1,200 probably has something to do with the location, location, location. It's in Strathcona, with a variety of shops and amenities within walking distance. The ad mentions a nearby elementary school but given the size of the space it's hard to imagine that being useful. The nearby microbreweries might be more of a draw.