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10 Must-See Local Makers at the BC Home and Garden Show

The BC Home and Garden show features hundreds of exhibitors that will give you a firsthand look of what’s trending in the world of home and garden products.

The BC Home and Garden show features hundreds of exhibitors that will give you a firsthand look of what’s trending in the world of home and garden products. This year, Portobello West is joining in on the action to showcase the best in high-quality, locally made goods. Their curated vendor list includes everything from delicious hummus and pesto to ceramic tableware. Here’s what we’re most excited about checking out:

Portobello West will be at the BC Home and Garden show from Wednesday, Feb 22 - Feb 26, 2017 at BC Place. For more info and tickets, head here.

1Coastal Craftwork

Coastal Craftwork2Coastal Craftwork makes beautiful rope-coiled goods. Inspired by simplicity, function, and aesthetics, every item serves a useful and beautiful purpose. No two pieces are exactly alike as the makers add unique touches to everything they create.

2. BobAli Foods

bobali product_2Hummus and tapenade and pesto, oh my! BobAli’s products use bold and fresh flavors like cilantro, basil, jalapeno and lime. Yum.

3. Yookyoung Yong Ceramics

Yookyong CeramicsYookyoung draws inspiration for her ceramics from across the globe. Check out her lovely mugs, teapots and dinnerware.

4. Misheo

misheo designMisheo’s unique scarves are designed and illustrated by Michelle Pang. Every scarf is features a one-of-a-kind design, which is then printed onto high quality fabric to create a beautiful and durable piece.

5. MerSea Studio 

mersea_porthole_collection (1)Wilderness guide turned silversmith, Merina creates beautiful jewelry inspired by a life spent in the great outdoors. Merina uses traditional techniques to transform simple sheets of silver to their beautiful nature-inspired necklaces.

6. 100 Braid St Studios

100 Braid St tony_durke_art (2)100 Braid St Studios will be showcasing their selection of work from their inclusive co-working art studio in New Westminster. Studio artists create everything from sculptures to photography, jewelry and paintings.

7. Coconama 

Coconama Chocolate2

Owners Taka & Kayoko have spent years developing, researching and preparing their innovative chocolate creations. Their sweets are delicious, exciting and fueled by a passion for the craft.

8. Le Fil Rouge Textiles 

Le Fil Rouge TextilesThese natural textiles are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Simplicity, luxury and sustainability are words le Fil Rouge lives by, which is clear when you see their hand towels, pillows and bathrobes.

9. Lifeprints Photography 

Sharon2Award winning photographer, Sharon Tenenbaum uses her photography to make a variety of products including greeting cards mugs, prints and books. Sharon’s long exposure style captures breathtaking cityscapes and architecture, bringing her vision and keen eye to every piece.

10. Evolatree 

EvolatreeEvolatree creates personal products that make you feel like one with nature. Their combs, brushes, scarves and sunglasses are sustainable and environmentally friendly.