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4 tech careers for creative people

There are many tech careers that need people who are imaginative and innovative. This can make the job challenging, but also stimulating and exciting.

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There are many tech careers that need people who are imaginative and innovative. This can make the job challenging, but also stimulating and exciting. Here are just some of the tech careers that will challenge your creativity in ways you never considered before. If they trigger some interest from you, find your fit using WorkBC's Blueprint Builder.

1. Architectural Technologist

Creative tech jobs in BC Architectural Technologist

Not all technology jobs are focused on building or designing technology. Some require you to apply your skills to other industries. Architectural technologists prepare computer-assisted drawings or 3D models of proposed construction projects, using technology to bring construction specifications to life. They can also oversee and coordinate construction projects and develop architectural designs. In addition to unleashing your creative side, you can earn up to almost $70,000 annually as an architectural technologist.

2. Web Designer and Developer

web designer developer tech job

Sure, web designers and developers write code. But they also prepare mock-ups and develop storyboards, design the appearance and layout of websites, and use graphics and animation to bring sites to life. How should the graphs be positioned? Does the client want a minimalist website or one filled with graphics and content? If you thought web design was just SEO optimization and Java Script, think again—there are many career options available in the field.

3. Information Systems Analysts

Information Systems Analysts tech job

Information systems analysts combine creativity and problem solving to develop and implement plans and policies for companies that require help with their information systems. Because each company and each industry has its own unique needs, information systems analysts have to be imaginative and flexible to meet them. Luckily, those in these positions are often given flexible schedules, too, as they can work from a computer lab at an office or from home depending on their employer's preferences.

4. Interactive Media Developer

media developer tech jobs

Did you ever consider finding a career in video games? Somebody has to write and test the computer code that goes into computer games, software and other interactive media. That's where the interactive media developer comes in. You could be programming special effects for film or animation software for interactive video games, or writing software code for Internet apps.

Technology careers often require a combination of logical, analytic and creative thinking. If you want a career that stimulates and engages your creative side, head over to WorkBC's Blueprint Builder to find your fit in this exciting industry.

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