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5 glorious backcountry campsites you can visit this summer in B.C.

Adventure-seekers rejoice! Camping season is upon us and B.C. has tons of amazing backcountry and off-the-grid camping destinations for you to explore.

It's the most wonderful time of year: camping season!

With so many stunning, one-of-a-kind destinations and secluded gems hidden in B.C., we're encouraging our readers to skip the usual beaches, lakes, and trails and instead head for the backcountry. 

Some of the most beautiful camping sites are off-grid, in our own backyard, but that shouldn't stop us from exploring, especially when we have access to some of the most effective and reliable power generators to keep us feeling comfortable, thanks to BLUETTI.

Fortunately, camping, whether off-the-grid or not, has never been safer or easier thanks to BLUETTI's wide range of reliable power generators, boasting some of the most effective and affordable options on the market.

B.C. has no shortage of exciting backcountry options to explore, so we've partnered with BLUETTI to highlight some of our favourites:

Mount Assinboine Provincial Park 

Monarch Mountain across Larix Lake, Assiniboine Provincial Park. Photo via: iStock.

Located on the border of B.C. and Alberta, the gorgeous Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is known for its lakes, glaciers, and stunning alpine meadows. It’s been a protected UNESCO World Heritage site since 1990, which indicates it has a lot of beauty to enjoy and discover. 

No roads lead into this park, meaning visitors must either hike in or take a chartered helicopter, so plan accordingly!

The Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit. Photo via: iStock.

The Bowron Lake Canoe circuit is a stunning 116km journey through a series of waterways. It’s suitable for beginner canoers but best for those with some wilderness canoeing experience. 

Enjoy a wide range of topography from mountains to lakes, all nestled in this gorgeous, densely-populated wildlife area.

Berg Lake Trail

Berg Lake Trail. Photo via: iStock.

Berg Lake trail is the perfect spot for a stunning, multi-day hike. Experience a temperate rainforest climate at the base of your journey and end in a glacier-filled alpine wonderland once you reach the summit. Berg Lake Trail offers some of the most stunning scenery of the B.C. parks, so make sure your camera and phone are charged up and ready to go.  

Fortunately, it’s easy to stay charged with BLUETTI’s AC200P generator, which can safely power all your outdoor activities, from camping to RVing, even boating. Whether you’re powering lights, your devices, or even critical medical equipment, the AC200P’s 2000W output, 17 outlets, and cutting-edge LiFePO4 battery technology make it a durable and reliable resource. The AC200P’s expandable capacity from its B230 or B300 power packs increases its capability to 4048Wh and 5072Wh, respectively, which is enough to power even the most complex of glamping setups (if that’s your thing). 

You can also purchase a solar panel charging station which provides your AC200P with a full charge in only 6 hours of direct sunlight!

Garibaldi Park

Wedgemount Lake in Garibaldi Lake Provincial Park. Photo via: iStock.

Located only 70 km away from Vancouver, Garibaldi Park is an enormous stretch of wilderness that expands from Pemberton to Squamish. It’s known for its beautiful scenery, which features glaciers, multiple lakes, flower-filled valleys, and snow-peaked mountains. 

Garibaldi has nine campgrounds open year-round, so you don’t have to rush to visit during the summer months only.

Joffree Lakes 

Joffre Lake. Photo via: iStock.

Located 60 km northwest of Whistler, Joffre Lakes is one of B.C.’s most popular and easiest-to-access parks. Known for the stunning turquoise blue waters of Joffree’s three lakes, the views and scenery of this park are absolutely spectacular. Make sure to plan ahead, though. Both their campgrounds and hiking trails require reservations in advance. 

Just because you’re camping off the grid doesn’t mean your life has to go off the grid too! BLUETTI can help you stay safe, connected, and charged while you check out some of these beautiful spots in B.C. 

No matter where you’re going, BLUETTI can make every camping experience more comfortable, connected, and safe. Don't miss out on BLUETTI’s current promotion, offering the best pricing on the AC200P generator at $1,799. To learn more, head to

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