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Here are the reasons why spring is the perfect season to take care of your home roofing repairs

Locally-owned and with over 20 years of experience, Absolute Roof Solutions is helping homeowners in Vancouver repair and restore their roofs in time for the warmer months ahead.
Residential Roofing.

Now that the weather outside is finally decent, it’s a good time to start getting on top of your home repair projects!

Spring is the most optimal time to take a good look at your roof and see if there are any issues that should be addressed through roof repairs.

For instance — has your roof lost shingles during the winter? Do you see broken, warped, or crumbling shingles? Does your roof have a lot of accumulated moss?  Do you see cracks or broken bricks in your chimney? Are your gutters clogged?

These are all situations that need to be fixed immediately to safeguard your home from roof leaks and prevent from having to do full-on roof replacements. In fact, not making such repairs can also violate the shingle warranty of your roof!

Residential Roofing. Photo: Absolute Roof Solutions.

Spring is the best time to deal with roofing projects for the following reasons:

  • Discover hidden problems created over the winter
    Structural damages and leaks caused by winter weather can now be found and repaired before the heat of summer arrives.
  • Moderate temperatures are best for roofing materials
    In cold weather, shingles can crack and break easily while being worked with. In hot weather, shingles can be damaged by simply walking on them. Working in moderate temperatures is best.
  • Better schedules
    Repairs and replacements can be completed more quickly during the spring before things really take off during the high demand summer season.

As one of the Lower Mainland’s top roofing companies, locally-owned Absolute Roof Solutions offers roof inspections, repairs and replacement services for residential and commercial properties. 

They can handle all roofing services, such as leak location and repair, roof repair and maintenance, roof replacement, moss removal, skylight repair, servicing on chimneys and gutters, and more.

With over 20 years of experience and dedication to getting roofing jobs done right and on time (with 24/7 emergency service available), you can count on these  professional and experienced roofers to do the best job with the best materials.

Get your roof back in shape for the warmer months ahead!

For more info on Absolute Roof Solutions and to submit a quote request, visit