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Become a stair master: You can help protect BC Wildlife by participating in this fun fitness challenge

Join the movement to protect and restore nature, reverse wildlife loss and fight climate change at the WWF Climb for Nature at Vancouver’s BC Place on May 26
All funds raised by the initiative will go towards helping protect and restore crucial habitats in B.C.

As Miley Cyrus taught the world in her epic 2009 ballad, it “ain't about how fast [you] get there, it ain’t about what's waiting on the other side, it's the climb.” 

And much like her teen-idol alter-ego Hannah Montana, participants of all ages can get the Best of Both Worlds. The WWF Climb for Nature is coming to BC Place at 777 Pacific Blvd. in Vancouver on May 26, 2024 to raise funds to protect and preserve the precious wildlife in our own B.C. back yard. 

As an added bonus, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous sponsor, the next 1,000 registrations are totally FREE if you use the promo code FREE1000.

Stepping up for a worthy cause

The stadium climb involves climbing the stands of Vancouver’s iconic BC Place. Photo via: WWF Canada.

Whether you’re a compassionate conservation activist, a West Coast wildlife lover, a fitness fanatic looking for a new challenge or all of the above, the WWF Climb for Nature encourages participants of all backgrounds and ages to join in.

The family-friendly event promises a fun and inviting atmosphere while also serving as the first time BC Place has hosted a stadium climb. This fusion of fitness and firsts creates an engaging opportunity to participate in something no one else has done before while also serving as prime motivation to set the record for the fastest time!

Of course, there is more than one cause for celebration. All funds raised by the initiative will go towards helping protect and restore crucial habitats for some of southern B.C.’s most radiant and recognizable residents, including killer whales, salmon, grizzly bears, Vancouver Island marmots and other species across the province and throughout Canada. 

Unlike a tower climb where you ascend to the top, this stadium climb involves climbing the stands of BC Place. Participants can opt for either the single bowl climb (approximately 3,000 steps up, down and around once) or the double-bowl climb (approximately 6,000 steps up and down and around twice). 

On top of the reward of supporting a worthy cause, once you cross the finish line and collect your time, you will also receive a commemorative, personalized climb time t-shirt. Participants can also pick up any fundraising rewards they may qualify for, commemorate their accomplishments at the on-site photo booth and chat with WWF staff about the organization and the work their efforts are supporting.  

“We are thrilled to bring WWF’s Climb for Nature to BC Place this spring,” beams Scott Sandison, VP of Community and Legacy Giving at WWF-Canada. “With the wildlife populations on the West Coast, across Canada and around the world in decline, the need for events like this, that bring people together for conservation, is greater than ever.” 

A vibrant fundraising event in Vancouver

The family-friendly event promises a fun and inviting atmosphere. Photo via: WWF Canada.

This year’s inaugural stadium climb at BC Place is inspired by the WWF’s annual CN Tower Climb for Nature originating in Toronto over 30 years ago, with people climbing the iconic building’s 1,776 steps more than 140,000 times since 1991.

Now, the organization is catapulting the cause to the West Coast, as well as encouraging a self-directed climb for those seeking to participate from anywhere else in Canada. 

That said, while this event is new, WWF-Canada has had a strong conservation presence in B.C. for many years, collaborating with First Nations communities, governments and community partners to help at-risk species, including southern resident killer whales recover, restoring salmon spawning grounds, reducing underwater noise, ensuring vital marine habitats (such as the Great Bear Sea) are well protected and restoring forests ravaged by wildfires. 

“We are honoured to welcome World Wildlife Fund to BC Place for Vancouver’s inaugural Climb for Nature,” says Chris May, general manager at BC Place. 

“Vancouverites are known for their deep connection to nature, and this event is an opportunity for our community to come together in support of wildlife conservation. We take great pride in joining this inspiring initiative which closely aligns with BC Place’s core values around sustainability and community.” 

Register as an individual or with a team by visiting The first 1000 registrations are free, with a minimum fundraising amount of $125 to participate.