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Budding bonds: Celebrate spring and meet local singles with these fun outdoor adventures

Spring into action and broaden your horizons while meeting local singles in Vancouver with Events & Adventures

As the seasons change yet again and the frigid chill of winter transitions from scenic snow to rejuvenating rains, the dawn of spring signals an opportunity for renewal, regrowth and a refreshing new start. 

That’s right. We are breaking free from cuffing season and waking up from our healing hibernations to venture back into the world with a brand new attitude.

Whether you’re recently single or rearing to get back on the market but aren’t quite sure how; let Events & Adventures be your guide. Spring back into action and dive back into the dating pool with fun and engaging events that are budding with potential and prime for the picking! 

An opportunity to bloom 

Many view spring as a season of rejuvenation. It’s an opportunity to shed whatever – or whoever – no longer serves you and emerge reawakened with a new perspective. After all, flowers can’t grow without first rooting in some dirt and receiving a bit of rain. 

Now, it’s your time to bloom. 

Events & Adventures hosts over 30 singles events each month in various locations across the United States and Canada. Harnessing its knowledge and experience of over 30 years, its calendar is designed to embrace and celebrate the diverse preferences and personalities of its over 40,000 members to create unique experiences and unforgettable events that appeal to everyone.

So, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a newbie to the nature scene, you can find activities that suit your comfort level while still trying something new. 

Believe it or not, modern dating apps emerged and grew from the roots of putting yourself out there, meeting new people and sharing new experiences in person. However, somewhere along the way, it could be argued that the human element of this exchange has been lost and exchanged for tailored bios, altered images and senseless swiping.

Events & Adventures seeks to re-inject reality back into the mix by reprioritizing authenticity and genuine interactions through face-to-face activities to foster organic connections. If icebreakers aren’t necessarily your forté, that’s totally fine. The organization is an expert in driving dialogue and curating conversations to ensure singles are comfortable and confident. 

Budding bonds in Vancouver 

We are lucky to live in a city that offers immediate access to bountiful outdoor adventures. This spring, Events & Adventures is taking the initiative to help local singles connect while reconnecting with nature with a colourful calendar of events. 

Such activities include the Quarry Rock Hike in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove on April 1. Explore the bountiful beauty of the North Shore while breathing in the fresh mountain air at this low-stakes outdoor adventure. 

Alternatively, join the Shaggy Mane Loop Trail hike in Langley on April 13 and enjoy a leisurely, easy route that loops around Campbell Valley Regional Park. 

If you’re feeling floral, why not try the floral arranging in the park event in Burnaby on April 23 and build a bouquet with or for someone special?

Put some spring in your step today and check out the full list of April events at