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5 to 500 employees in 5 years: secrets of one of Vancouver's fastest growing companies

Canada Drives embraces an innovative, experimental, and data-driven mindset that encourages creative solutions and relentless progress.

Based in the heart of Metro Vancouver, Canada Drives helps Canadians get car loans regardless of credit history.


 Photo: Canada DrivesPhoto: Canada Drives

Cody Green used to sell cars. Now he’s co-CEO of one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Canada. Financial technology isn’t the traditional career move for a car salesman, but then, there’s not a lot that is traditional about Canada Drives.

Guided by young leadership and defined by its innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, Canada Drives attracts the best talent in Vancouver by combining the electrifying energy of a start-up with the hard-earned stability of an established company.

Growing from a close-knit team of five to a highly collaborative workforce of 500 in just five years, Canada Drives’ explosive evolution has created exciting opportunities for its ever-growing workforce.

This millennial-friendly company is committed to developing leaders from within as it fine-tunes an online service that satisfies over one million customers a year. And their strategy is getting noticed. Canada Drives has earned numerous awards and accolades and garnered a prestigious reputation for its progressive workplace culture.

One of the secrets to Canada Drives’ success is that it offers employees what they truly desire; a thriving workplace free from traditional structures and bureaucratic red tape. It’s a workplace where opinions are heard and the growth of the employees is as important as the growth of the company as a whole.


That’s probably because Canada Drives was born of frustration with the status-quo.

As an auto salesperson, Cody Green spent his days trying to connect customers with the right cars for their lifestyle.


After witnessing numerous accounts of people picking out their new car only to be denied financing, Cody Green saw an opportunity in the auto-financing market. With first-hand experience of the problem and a disruptive entrepreneurial spirit, Cody, along with Co-CEO Michael Galpin, plotted their path to revolutionize how Canadians shop for cars.

His idea was simple, Canadians looking for cars should be able to fill out basic information online to learn what options they can afford before stepping inside a dealership. Fortunately, insights proved correct and that’s exactly what Canada Drives continues to enable its customers to do. Once a customer fills out a quick online application, they’ll be contacted by a certified dealership, who with an understanding of your credit situation, can inform about all the vehicles available to you and your budget.


Smart, right?

 Photo: Canada DrivesPhoto: Canada Drives

Others think so as well. A few years after starting the company, Canada Drives moved from the prairies to Vancouver to surround itself with the city’s promising tech sector. The company recently opened a modern new office location in Vancouver where it now serves customers in the US and UK along with its growing Canadian base.

And with the blueprint for success in place, the company has been able to leverage its infrastructure and resources to expand into a variety of other financial services including personal loans and credit-building solutions.

Canada Drives has been repeatedly named on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 list of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. By 2016, the company experienced 2,703% growth. And in 2019, Deloitte recognized Canada Drives as one of the country’s Best Managed Companies.


That’s no ordinary feat.


Canada Drives embraces an innovative, experimental, and data-driven mindset that encourages creative solutions and relentless progress. The company’s success isn’t defined by how different it is from its competitors, it’s defined by a spirit that led it to establish a new market, free from competition.

There’s no step-by-step guide to make a company work let alone prosper, but results-oriented teams that work smart in a fun, engaging, and energetic environment have definitely been a winning equation for Canada Drives.


 Photo: Canada DrivesPhoto: Canada Drives

This incredible growth means there are a ton of opportunities on the horizon, including new roles being created every week. If you’re currently looking for a sales, customer service or IT job in Vancouver and craving a creative, team-oriented work environment, Canada Drives is hiring!  

Taryn Hamer is just one of the many shining examples of the opportunities afforded to those with the right focus and dedication. Starting out in a customer service role it didn't take long for Taryn to move up quickly.


“Underwriting was something I had absolutely no experience in when I first transferred in from a customer service role, but I quickly discovered that it was something that I greatly enjoy doing!" she explains. “Less than a year after I joined the department, I was promoted to become an underwriting team manager. Canada Drives jump-started my career and has given me the space and opportunity to grow and thrive!”

The company is clearly not averse to having fun either, which seems to keep a smile on the faces of their employees and in turn, the clientele they serve.


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