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This online dog treats shop in Vancouver offers the most PAWesome all-natural dog treats!

Chew Love Dog Treats offers delicious and healthy all-natural dog treats through their one-stop shop that delivers across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.
Chew Love Mika Hug scene with treats
Healthy Dog, Happy Life!

As a dog parent, your canine companion is just that — your best friend. So it makes perfect sense that you’d want to treat your dog every chance you get!

Pets will always appreciate being given a treat from their humans because it is a sign of affection for them. Therefore, giving your furry family member delicious and healthy dog treats is one way to show them your unconditional love and everlasting care.

Based in Port Moody, Chew Love Dog Treats are carefully and thoughtfully handcrafted with all-natural ingredients — that means no preservatives, no additives, and no hidden ingredients. 

Healthy Dog, Happy Life! Photo by @doggytaleswhistler for Chew Love Dog Treats.

From single ingredient chews to multi ingredients, and even vegan snacks, these homestyle treats are good for your dog and safe for them to digest too.

Made in B.C., these dog treats consist of the best locally sourced ingredients from the region’s most respected farmers and suppliers. Each treat is high in protein without any hormones or antibiotics. Protein choices include bison, turkey, chicken, beef, duck, rabbit, lamb, salmon, and deer — with unique treat selections such as smoked lamb jerky and chicken and veggie nuggets. 

With over 24 different products to choose from, Chew Love Dog Treats come in fresh and flavourful varieties that’ll keep dogs interested, even if they’re used to a more selective diet.

All natural dog treats. Photo by @sombilonstudios for Chew Love Dog Treats.

Dog treats are great as training rewards, positive reinforcements, and as a sign of gratitude. Treats can also help calm your dog down in your absence or during stressful situations, such as thunderstorms and fireworks. 

Here are some pro tips for feeding treats to your dog:

  • Use dog treats to reinforce the good behaviours you want your dog to achieve.
  • Avoid giving dog treats to an overexcited and overstimulated dog.
  • Make sure discipline and exercise comes before a form of affection when giving dog treats. 
  • Give dog treats in between meals, not just before or after meals, or right after your dog has had a full meal.
  • Like most things, moderation is key! Dog treats are not meant to replace your dog's daily food diet.

You can easily order Chew Love Dog Treats from the comfort of your home by shopping through their online store. Take advantage of their free shipping option with website orders of $70 or more. Local delivery options are also available through and Uber Eats.

The next time you’re teaching your dog a new trick or playing a game of fetch, you’ll have a selection of amazing dog treats to treat them to. You see healthy, your dog sees love, and that’s Chew Love! 

Get 30% OFF on your first Chew Love Dog Treats order using the code ‘WELCOME30’ at checkout. For more info, visit