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This app lets you skip the line at CF Pacific Centre's new food court

"Sorry people, I'm kind of a big deal."

It's your favourite time of day: Lunch.

You just aced your business meeting, you closed a big deal, and now you're ready to load up on a massive plate of sizzling food.

The catch? That long wait you spend in a lineup, staring fondly at your favourite dish behind the glistening glass. You want it. But you can't have it.

So here’s some good news - it's kind of a big deal. There's finally a new app that's revolutionizing the way you get and eat your food: ClickDishes. Because of it, you can now order food from CF Pacific Centre's trendy Urban Eatery with the click of just a few buttons - heightening your eating experience to the max.

Image: ClickDishes

The only thing better than getting to eat your favourite food in a timely manner is having the amazing opportunity to do so in a wicked spot. And that's the real deal at CF Pacific Centre's food court. It's recently been revitalized to offer more healthy food options and a contemporary dining environment to mirror the expectations of the centre's shoppers and visitors.

 Urban Eatery/Scott Little Urban Eatery/Scott Little

This will come as a dream come true to shoppers and foodies alike, especially given the diversity of the Urban Eatery's sumptuous food options. They include but are not limited to Edo Japan, La Prep, Taco Time, Flaming Wok, A&W, Opal, UMI Sushi, Dairy Queen, Chachi's, Hula, and Living Foods - just to name a few.

Being able to order with ClickDishes means that busy professionals can easily pay and order on their phone beforehand, eliminating paper receipts, loose change, and of course, long lineup waits.

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This app boasts a massive social benefit. Both you and your friends can order your food before showing up, skipping the lineup for some major (and delicious) TLC. This means you can enjoy your meal and it won't be cold by the time it hits the table. Epic!

The newly renovated space is now open at CF Pacific Centre. Drop by and take a pic at the culinary infused floral installation up until November 29. To stay in the know about CF Pacific Centre, check out Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Want the app? Now you can easily get it - for free. Download it on the iTunes Apple Store or on Google Play. What's also cool is that you can use the app in Edmonton and Calgary as well.