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Getting Canadians the goods they need: The Port of Vancouver’s critical role in our nation’s COVID-19 supply chain

It’s vital that Canadians have the essential goods they need to face the challenges of COVID-19. See why #ourportcity is a critical link in the supply chain that is essential to Canadian livelihoods and businesses.
Centerm Container Terminal / Photo: William Jans for Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

As Canada vigilantly faces the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vital that Canadians have what they need to weather the challenges ahead. During these challenging times, the efficient movement of goods throughout the supply chain is essential to supporting Canadian businesses and Canadian livelihoods.

Port cities across Canada are critical links in the supply chain, connecting consumers and businesses with the global marketplace. Through our ports, the transfer of goods that Canadians need and the export of Canadian products is made possible, making these gateways essential to Canada's economic prosperity.

Canada’s largest port, the Port of Vancouver, handles $1 out of every $3 of Canada’s trade in goods beyond North America and enables the trade of approximately $220 billion annually. Canada depends on Vancouver’s port to continue functioning to ensure that items such as food, pharmaceuticals, medical and safety products and other essential products reach communities across the country.

The Port of Vancouver and all Canadian ports remain open and operational, keeping trade and commerce flowing across the nation’s borders.

The continued activity through Canada’s supply chain is made possible thanks to the hard work of the many labour divisions that are keeping goods moving to and from Canada’s largest port, and to and from points all across Canada, including the rail, trucking, and shipping industries.

Marine pilots and carriers, railroaders, truck drivers, terminal operators, port personnel, seafarers, and everyone in between are working tirelessly around the clock to guarantee the effective and safe movement of ships and supplies from Vancouver’s port city.

Without the dedicated efforts of every group making up the supply chain, the import of goods that Canadians need and the export of trade to keep Canada’s economy moving would not be possible. Through the important work of essential service workers at Canadian ports, and our collective commitment to social distancing, all of us will affect how Canada will navigate the days to come.

All Canadians have these workers to thank for helping ensure they have what’s needed during this unprecedented time.

To learn more about the Port of Vancouver’s role in keeping goods moving for Canadians, visit

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