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6 common myths about independent living for seniors debunked

Terraces on Seventh sheds light on a few important facts around the concept of independent senior living within retirement communities
There are many benefits to this independent living arrangement.

If you or someone you care about are approaching the retirement years, you’re likely thinking about transitioning into a new kind of living arrangement to suit the changing needs that come with entering into that next stage of life.

Independent living is one option that many seniors turn to. That said, there are some misconceptions around independent living communities that may initially give seniors pause. 

Terraces on Seventh, a boutique retirement community in Vancouver’s South Granville neighbourhood, debunks some of the commonly-held perceptions of independent senior living and brings to light the many benefits of this lifestyle option.

Myth: Moving into a independent living community is like moving into a care home or old age home

Fact: Independent living residents enjoy all the benefits of having their own home, where they may come and go as they please without all the responsibilities that comes with owning a condo or house. 

At Terraces on Seventh, residents have their own private, fully-equipped suite to enjoy, along with the added advantage that the staff be there to make day-to-day life easier with amenities such as weekly housekeeping, room service, and a dining room with an all-day menu. Seniors can look forward to less chores, fewer hassles, and more time to relax and enjoy life.

Myth: I am only 79, I do not need help yet

Fact: Independent living is not for when you need help; it is for when you are still active and can participate in events and activities, and there are many offered at retirement communities like Terraces on Seventh.

Myth: Independent living means you are left on your own when you fall or get sick

Fact: Independent living communities have a full team of people to support their residents around the clock. At Terraces on Seventh, their staff are there for residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At all times, someone will be there to check in on each resident’s well-being and make sure they are safe.

Myth: Independent living is lonely

Fact: Social activities are a key feature of retirement communities. Residents will find plenty of opportunities to make new friends and develop lasting relationships.

Terraces on Seventh’s vibrant community offers a rich environment where friendships are fostered and experiences are shared. Seniors will find themselves joining the recreation activities and grabbing a coffee in the bistro before gathering around the lounge to listen to a resident playing the piano.

Myth: Independent living is expensive

Fact: Independent living provides a tremendous amount of value for what residents pay each month. In fact, it compares favorably in terms of cost when compared to living in a condo or a house. The monthly charge includes all of the usual utility expenses, such as heat and hydro, and more. Insurance, taxes, food, entertainment, repairs, and maintenance costs are all included, as well as house cleaning. With a range of suites available in communities like Terraces on Seventh, there’s bound to be an arrangement that works for every budget.

Myth: Independent living is boring and unfulfilling

Fact: For seniors, independent living enhances opportunities to live the life they want by providing them with the freedom to do as they please and treat themselves to a life they enjoy. With Terraces on Seventh’s hassle-free services, residents can free themselves of the chores of daily living. With that free time, they can enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by in-house chefs, go on a local shopping excursion, or spend some quiet time in the library.

Terraces on Seventh believes in empowering seniors to lead vibrant and fulfilling lives. To book a private tour and to find more information, visit