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Get fresh food delivered directly from your local BC farms through this online grocery platform,

As the demand for access to fresh, healthy, and local food grows, the need for a sustainable future becomes more pressing than ever before.
Truly Farm To Table.

Save time and taste the difference. Experience the freshness and superb food quality when you buy directly from your local farmers online.

Based out of Abbotsford, is an online grocery platform that offers top-quality fresh, organic, and local farm-to-table products, grown right here in the Lower Mainland. 

Their online selection includes a wide variety of goods including ripe fruits and vegetables, unprocessed meats and seafood, nutritious dairy products and eggs, grains, pantry items, condiments, beverages, liquor, and even pet food. Shoppers can also filter and search by categories such as plant-based products, ready-to-eat snacks, and specialty ingredients. 

Best of all, you can get all of these products delivered straight to your doorstep, right from the source without being shelved or warehoused at all.

Freshly-picked B.C. blueberries. Photo: offers a first-of-its-kind sustainable solution for grocery shopping with a zero-food waste system. With no warehouses, food is picked up directly from the farms or vendors in the morning and delivered to customers the same day.

Connecting you to your local farming community, you can experience and appreciate where your food actually comes from. They believe together, we can make a difference - by inspiring and empowering each other to eat healthily, buying local, reducing mass production, protecting our beautiful B.C., and supporting our local food supply chain and economy. Also, their innovative delivery system allows farmers to know precisely how much to harvest or package on any given day.

So, how does it work? 

The process is quite straightforward. Simply select your favourite products from as many farms and vendors as you like and add them to your cart online. When you’re ready to place your order, choose a delivery date that is convenient for you. Delivery is done from Chilliwack to Vancouver every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

Donna Lee of Cloverdale's Bannock Queen. Photo:

In an effort to promote local small businesses, features their vendors quite often. Customers can learn the story behind their business and food, such as the story of Cloverdale’s Bannock Queen, started by Donna Lee and her handmade bannock desserts inspired by her Indigenous and Scottish roots. 

Through their Food Access Initiative program, they provide fresh food to local charities every month. They genuinely believe in the idea that everyone should have access to good and nutritious food, tying back to their own mission of serving food the way it is meant to be — Truly Farm to Table.

Customers in the Lower Mainland can enjoy FREE delivery with no minimum order. 

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