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Here's how law practices in B.C. have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

DNOVO Group specializes in supporting law firms in Vancouver and across North America by optimizing their search engine exposure and helping to manage their online presence.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the legal industry is undeniable.

Every law practice has seen different effects upon their work. Employment lawyers, family lawyers, and real estate lawyers are seeing more uptake in their case loads — due to more employers laying off employees, more spouses seeking separation, and more households looking into the real estate market as a result of this pandemic.

On the other hand, personal injury lawyers are taking on less cases since people aren’t driving on the roads nearly as much, while immigration lawyers are also experiencing struggles due to the international travel restrictions.

The biggest change felt by all lawyers and attorneys is the shift of working in-person to working online. 

As a result, law firms are adjusting their operations to accommodate this new normal in a multitude of ways.

Since lawyers are no longer required to see their clients at the office, many law firms are moving to smaller office spaces. Through downsizing, firms can become leaner from a business perspective.

Intake automation has also been on the rise within law offices. In order to provide convenient options for clients to reach law professionals, CRMs and appointment scheduling software are being adopted by the legal sector to streamline communication, allowing clients to submit documents and have virtual and remote consultations. 

While this is not new to the industry, the pandemic has definitely expedited the process. 

“Lawyers have had to adjust their respective business models to provide virtual consultations, and services to clients; as well as revamp their internal operations to a truly cloud-based model,” says Shamil Shamilov, Managing Partner of SEO agency DNOVO Group.

“Advertising the accessibility and flexibility in terms of accommodating clients virtually is now a current trend.”

Lawyer on a virtual conference call. Photo: Getty Images.

That’s a lot of changes to handle, which is where marketing agencies and consultants that specialize in supporting legal professionals can come in and be an asset to these firms.

“While historically we focused on specific marketing know-hows relevant to the legal field, we find ourselves helping our clients adjust the operational realities that COVID-19 brought forward,” says Shamilov.

“Being focused on a particular niche, allows you to grow internal infrastructure and be able to provide a custom crafted solution while addressing each element of digital marketing. From legal content, to photography and video,to social media exposure and purposeful website design, focused on converting visitors into clients - we do it all.”

Through comprehensive legal marketing strategies, law firm-specific SEO and marketing experts help law firms book more meetings, acquire more clients, boost brand awareness, and become top firms in their local areas.

With websites seen as the modern-day business card, law firms should pay close attention to the development and design of their website for the benefit of generating more business opportunities, client conversions, and brand  authority within their law specialization.

Some of the many digital marketing services law firms can consider include:

  • expanding digital advertising efforts, 
  • deploying advanced SEO techniques to outrank the competition,
  • streamlining leads through CRM integration, 
  • implementing appointment scheduling software directly onto the websites

DNOVO Group specializes in supporting law firms across North America — having worked with hundreds of clients in Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, and everywhere in between —  in optimizing their online presence and managing their law practice in the digital era.

For more info on how DNOVO Group can support your law firm marketing, visit or call their Vancouver office at 1-855-908-0588.

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