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Make your dream career in Canada a reality with the help of this free program’s brilliant team

Immigrant Services Society of B.C.’s program will connect you to work that makes full use of the training and experience you worked hard for in your home country
ISSofBC alumni, staff and employer partners (from Translink and RBC) in attendance during a Career Paths community celebration on March 16, 2023.

When Monisha Mothilal first immigrated to Vancouver last May, she was unsure of what exactly she needed to do to land a job that aligned with the qualifications and professional experience she’d worked hard for back in India.

“I had no idea how the job market worked here. I didn’t know how to format my resume to Canadian standards or how to network here,” she explains. “I just didn’t have an understanding of Canadian work culture, yet.”

Monisha Mothilal. Photo via ISSofBC

However, this confusing and frustrating time for Mothilal didn’t last long at all, thanks to the help of the Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC) – an agency that helps immigrants and refugees settle in Canada through language, employment and career support.

Mothilal was introduced to the Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants program, which connects immigrants and refugees to work that uses the experience and credentials they received in their home country.

Only two months after registering in Career Paths, Mothilal was able to complete a certification at the Institute for Performance and Learning, which was fully-funded by the program. With a Canadian certification, she quickly secured a job as a talent and capability development specialist for a mining organization.

“When you come to Vancouver as an immigrant, of course, you’re motivated to look for jobs, but there are times when you feel really down because you are spending so much money to live here and you’re continually being rejected for so many jobs,” says Mothilal. “I was rejected so many times, mainly because I was overqualified, but my career strategist Yasmin kept me motivated.”

Yasmin Khan. Photo via ISSofBC

Yasmin Khan, who has been with the ISSofBC since 1997, says one of the best parts of her job is getting to see great success stories like Mothilal’s.

“Monisha was so determined and she followed through. We had several meetings, and I helped her update her resume and prepare for interviews, and she’s very successful now,” says Khan, now a case manager for the ISSofBC’s Global Talent Loan program. “It’s very rewarding, being in the position that I am, helping people achieve their goals and land their dream job. Seeing them grow is so rewarding, and I feel so satisfied being able to help them.”

Monisha has also since become an ambassador for the Career Paths program, which she carries out by connecting other newcomers to the program and sharing her experience about the immigration and job search process. 

“The ISSofBC has such a diverse team. Together, their team can probably speak close to 50 languages, which is a lot of diversity, and so you feel this sense of belongingness there. That’s the beauty of having such a diverse team. They make you feel welcomed to Canada. They make you feel like this is your new home,” says Mothilal.

The Career Paths program has also recently expanded its eligibility criteria to include those who’ve held Permanent Resident status within the last ten years, from the previous five year requirement.

For more information about ISSofBC’s Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants program, visit their website at Or, if you are a former client of the program and are interested in becoming an ambassador, please email

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