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This Vancouver clinic offers personalized medicine based on your DNA is featured in the 2023 Profiles of Excellence Magazine
Dr. Jason Marr

Every year, the stigma associated with Naturopathic Medicine continues to wane considerably, as the public's shift in attitude towards acceptance is largely due to embracing evidence-informed research and data-driven methods. 

That's good news for Dr. Jason Marr, a Naturopathic Doctor, Performance and Productivity Coach, who graduated in 2007 from Toronto's Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

In 2013, he founded his Vancouver-based clinic and brand, In his 15 years of practice, he’s worked with thousands of high-performing urban professionals — including executives, actors, musicians, and entrepreneurs — to help them achieve their dreams through the optimization of health and wellness. 

His goal is simple: To inspire you to learn how to be the best version of yourself, and live an awesome life. In doing so, he'll arm you with evidence-informed, functional and integrated approaches to improve your health and wellness, and give you the tools that will enable you to thrive.

"I practice medicine objectively with a very data-driven approach, and yet at the same time apply elements of empowerment, coaching, and sustainability, within the context of people's lives," he says. "When I create an individualized treatment plan, it's not only safe and effective, it's pragmatic, realistic and sustainable too."

Dr. Marr comes by his affinity for science and data honestly. "I'm from a very evidence-based background. My dad was an engineer and my mom was a teacher, and I’ve come to realize my practice is deeply rooted in that upbringing." 

To those who question the legitimacy of naturopathic medicine and methodology, Dr. Marr assures his skeptics: "I'm not the tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, potion-brewing witch doctor that some people assume when they hear ‘Naturopathic Doctor’." 

In fact, he says, "I like to tell people that I'm the kind of doctor they're probably looking for, and don't know it: Someone who will help you understand what’s going on with your body and how it’s designed to work at its best, provide you with the most cost-effective opportunities, and coach you through making the best next steps in improving your health and personal performance ."

He works with urban professionals who struggle to overcome fatigue, (corporate) burnout, and anxiety, and often new parents, trying to balance their career ambitions and goals with their personal and family life, who need to rise and thrive through challenges, be adaptable and maintain composure.

"We have the ability to create precision, individualized treatment recommendations to maximize energy, productivity and to improve resilience to stress," reveals Dr. Marr.

If you're looking for solutions to reach your health goals and want answers for your health challenges, you can leverage the information in your DNA to access an instruction manual for how your brain and body are built to function at their best. 

Dr. Marr creates precision medicine programs that are tailored to you, by applying a comprehensive baseline of your health through blood testing and leveraging the power of functional genetics. "We’re already at a point where answers are in our DNA, and we can access them," says Dr. Marr, "you just need to know how to interpret them."

When it comes to proactive health optimization, Dr. Marr is a huge proponent of proactivity over prevention. "My platform is really about a mindset change to a more proactive way of approaching health. Instead of trying to avoid bad things from happening, think about what you want to achieve and what you need to do to put yourself in that position."

It all culminates to lifespan versus healthspan. It's one thing to live to be 100 (lifespan) and quite another to live in a way you are happy, a quality life (healthspan). When thinking of longevity, it's how you maintain healthspan and maximize it, and less about how many years you'll live.

RESILIENCELabs, their flagship program, unlocks the instruction manual for how to get the most out of your genetics, your brain and your body, a first step to maximizing your health.

"If you’re the type of person who likes data and makes decisions based on the best available data, wants to live an awesome life, and change the world for the better," says Dr. Marr, "you're the kind of person we love working with." is featured in the 2023 Profiles of Excellence Magazine

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