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Experience where adventure, culture and delicious dining collide at this Interior B.C. destination

Kamloops offers epic outdoor adventures, sunny springtime patios and more while being easily accessible from Vancouver
With its abundance of lakes and rivers, Kamloops offers ample opportunities to get out and enjoy the water.

As the snow melts and the days grow longer, there’s a certain magic that begins to unfold in Kamloops.

This season, the dynamic Interior city invites you to step into a world where adventure and relaxation meet in perfect harmony. Renowned for being one of the first places in B.C. to welcome spring’s warm embrace, it’s time to discover why this city is your ultimate spring destination.

Kamloops shines in spring, offering boundless, uncrowded spaces that beckon travellers from near and far. Whether you're drawn by the thrill of mountain biking, the tranquil peace of hiking trails, the warm embrace of a sunny patio or the quiet anticipation of fishing or paddling in its abundant lakes and rivers, there’s a slice of Kamloops just for you.

A beautiful and accessible B.C. destination

Savour the arrival of spring while trying your luck at nabbing the season’s best catch. Photo via: Tourism Kamloops.

Getting to Kamloops could not be easier, located less than a four-hour drive from central Vancouver. One of the many appeals of  Kamloops is its adventures are never too far away, allowing you to make the most of your time in the region.

Once the snow melts away, Kamloops’ trails beckon hikers and bikers alike. The city’s unique geography offers everything from serene grassland walks to adrenaline-fuelled mountain bike trails. This spring, answer the call of the wild and explore the diverse landscapes that make Kamloops a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

If serene settings are more your thing, imagine a quiet morning by a crystal-clear lake, 

rod in hand, as the world slowly wakes up around you. Kamloops’ numerous lakes and rivers are alive with the promise of the season’s best catch. Connect with nature and find peace in the rhythm of the water.

Fuel for adventure, food for thought

One of the first places in B.C. to ring in the season, Kamloops offers several sunny springtime patio. Photo via: Tourism Kamloops.

After a day of exploration or activity, there is nothing better than relaxing on one of Kamloops’ sunny patios. The city’s locally owned eateries and cozy coffee shops offer more than just delicious food and drink; they provide a taste of Kamloops' warm hospitality. From casual bites to gourmet experiences, the flavours of Kamloops are as diverse as its landscapes.

To cap off your memorable day, take advantage of the city’s community and culture. Spring brings an array of events and activities that showcase the local spirit. Whether you’re interested in live music, art or culinary delights, Kamloops offers a vibrant scene that is just waiting to be discovered.

Kamloops has much more than outdoor adventures. Spring ushers in an eclectic mix of events, from the excitement of the Canadian Enduro League to the communal joy of Brewloops and the Kamloops Wine + Beverage Festival.

Make sure to sign up for the new 'Loops Explorer Pass while you’re in town as well and unlock deals at a wide range of Kamloops hot spots. This pass also automatically enters you for a chance towin quarterly giveaways. Each redemption increases your chances of winning.

Make Kamloops your destination this spring and discover all the adventures that await. Whether you’re planning a getaway with friends, a family vacation or a solo retreat into nature, Kamloops is calling.

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