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Here’s how joining a singles club can help you overcome your fears of being single

Living the single life doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare! With social clubs for singles like Events & Adventures, you can enjoy your single status with many benefits to your social and dating lives.
Singles riding bicycles in the park. Photo: Getty Images.

Anuptaphobia — or the fear of being or staying single — is a legitimate social phobia that singles anywhere may experience.

Meeting new people can already be anxiety-inducing in itself. The added pressure of searching for “the one” while dating can bring our worst social fears to the surface — such as the fear of being doomed to be “forever alone”. 

But being single doesn’t have to be scary! In fact, social clubs for singles — such as Events & Adventures — can give you the perfect opportunity to liven up your social life without the added pressures of traditional dating. Even more, you can uncover a new sense of happiness and fulfillment in your single status by just doing things you love with awesome people!

Here are some ways in which joining a singles club like E&A can help you face and conquer your fear of being single by making the single life fun and exciting.


Asking someone you’re interested in getting to know better to hang out and then getting turned down can be discouraging to anyone. The fear of rejection can lead you to missing out on making great connections around you.

Luckily, singles clubs take that fear out of the equation because all of the members are single and there for the same reason — to meet new people, have fun, and potentially find a significant other.

With that big question mark checked off, you are free to engage with a group of like-minded people who are also  “single and looking” for connections. In this open and judgment-free safe space, you can take your time in getting to know new friends without the pressure of having to find someone to date.

Singles canoeing on a lake. Photo: Getty Images.


Maintaining an active social schedule is difficult to prioritize when you’re busy with your work duties, your side hustle, time spent on your hobbies and interests, and other “adulting” responsibilities. Finding new people to hang out with while juggling everything else can seem next to impossible, which can lead to feelings of loneliness as you spend the free time you do have alone.

Through a singles social club, it’s easy to fit group hangouts with other singles into your schedule. E&A has a full calendar of events, so all you need to do is look at what they have planned for the upcoming month and choose what activities you can and want to go to. By joining a group like E&A, you’ll never feel lonely while single again!


The words “group hang” can immediately strike fear into the hearts of anyone with a social life. Besides coordinating your schedules to set a mutual time and date that works, deciding what to do when you actually hang out with your group of friends can be stressful — especially for those who hate planning.

With a singles club like E&A, the pressure of planning the perfect group get-together is off, as singles will already have pre-planned social activities coordinated by the club to look forward to. There’s bound to be something new and exciting that entices your interests — from sunset kayaking to an international cooking class — so you don’t have to wait for your other friends to be available to try it out!

E&A is also mindful of navigating the challenges of hanging out during COVID, so with both in-person and online events, you can choose whatever setting is most convenient and comfortable for you to connect with new people.


Instead of looking at being single as something you need to fix about yourself, choose to see it as a chance to expand your social circle as well as your own personal horizons. 

Singles clubs will push you out of your boundaries by encouraging you to put yourself in new environments and pursue new activities, all the while meeting new people who share similar interests and values as you. You will learn lots of new things and discover more about the cool things you can do in your city with the great people in it.

Through getting involved in a social club, you will also learn a lot about yourself as you foster your sense of adventure and strengthen your self-confidence. Make having fun and growing as a person your focus and the single life will be your oyster!

Singles sitting on a park bench. Photo: Getty Images.


The absolute best thing about joining a singles club are the people you’ll meet. 

The challenge of finding people who are truly open to dating is taken care of through invitation-only groups like E&A. Members are vetted in advance to make sure members are single and to make sure that they’re people you’ll want to get to know. 

By participating in similar activities based on shared interests, you’ll have more chances of finding others who share the same values of connection, openness, adventure, and more. 

Whether you are looking to make new friends or looking to meet a new romantic connection, you are guaranteed to be in good company and meet lots of different kinds of people.

The amount of friendly and romantic relationships you’re bound to form through joining a singles club can help you see that being single doesn’t have to be so scary and dating doesn’t have to be so difficult. Who knows — you just might meet your next forever friend or perfect match!

Curious Vancouver singles can meet other interesting and interested singles through exclusive members-only group social events hosted by Events & Adventures. Get out, try something new, and meet amazing people along the way!

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