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Wish meal prep was easier, healthier and better for the environment? This LOCAL zero waste meal kit does just that!

Vancouver-based meal kit delivery service Fresh Prep has introduced its new Zero Waste Kit, the first-of-its-kind in Canada!
Zero Waste Kit.

In an industry-first move for Canada, Vancouver-based meal kit delivery service Fresh Prep has launched its Zero Waste Kit in B.C.

Delivered in Fresh Prep’s signature reusable and insulated cooler bags, the brand new Zero Waste Kit is a reusable container made with BPA-free reusable plastic and silicon parts. 

That’s right, gone are the days of being overwhelmed by endless plastic packets to open and fiddle with. Now, with Fresh Prep, all you need to do is grab the pre-portioned ingredient cups and follow along with the recipe card — for less waste and an easier cooking experience!

Zero Waste Kit. Photo: Fresh Prep,

Designed for convenience and made for sustainability, the dishwasher safe kits significantly reduce waste from single-use plastic and allow for an easier and more organized cooking experience. 

The meal kit solution comes at no extra cost to Fresh Prep consumers, and you can conveniently return your Zero Waste Kit with your reusable cooler bag upon your next delivery, or schedule a free pickup.

“Single-use plastic is a well-known and pervasive problem in the food industry. As interest in meal kits continues to surge, we want to be leaders in innovating to minimize packaging waste,” said Husein Rahemtulla, Co-Founder and COO at Fresh Prep. “We quickly realized that if we wanted to create a sustainable solution at a large scale, developing a reusable packaging solution would be the best approach.”

Zero Waste Kit. Photo: Fresh Prep.

As Vancouver's homegrown meal kit solution, Fresh Prep provides home cooks in B.C. with high quality and locally-sourced ingredients to make chef quality recipes that appeal to a range of diets and preferences. Kits are delivered weekly starting at as low as $10 per serving in a 2 meal kit. 

“People are cooking from home more than ever before, and are making conscious efforts to not only understand where their food is coming from, but also the impact their dining choices have on the environment,” said Becky Brauer, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Fresh Prep. “The Zero Waste Kit is a convenient and sustainable option that caters to a household’s needs, without compromising an exceptional culinary experience.”

Zero Waste recipes will be on the Fresh Prep menu starting this month, with nearly the entire menu moving to zero waste packaging over the coming months.

Fresh Prep services 20 communities within B.C., including Metro Vancouver, Squamish, Greater Victoria, Nanaimo, and the Okanagan.

For a complete list of Fresh Prep’s delivery areas and to learn more about their new Zero Waste Kit, visit

V.I.A. readers can get 3 FREE MEALS by signing up for Fresh Prep today using the code ‘SCVIA21’.