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Canada’s largest floating water park in the Fraser Valley is filled with fun and adventure for the whole family!

Harrison Watersports is back for the summer! Head to the waterpark on Harrison Lake with a range of fun activities out on the water, from giant slides to water obstacles.
Harrison Watersports Waterpark

It’s summer, which means it’s finally time to start planning a local road trip with your family and friends!

For a fun day trip or overnight getaway in the Lower Mainland that’s less than two hours away from Metro Vancouver, head to Harrison Watersports. Located on Harrison Lake in the Fraser Valley, the gigantic inflatable waterpark is your destination for play, adventure, and an overall good time!

Here are the exciting water activities you can experience during your day of adventure at Harrison Watersports.

Harrison Watersports Waterpark. Photo: Harrison Watersports.


The main attraction of Harrison Watersports is their massive and brightly-coloured inflatable floating waterpark

Designed like a bouncing obstacle course with hamster balls, monkey bars, swings, slides, trampolines, and other playful amusements, you can expect endless fun and recreation at this gigantic playground. 

To send yourself and your group flying high, take a big jump onto the Blob, a giant inflatable cushion that will launch you right up in the sky and down into a big splash landing.

Bumper Boats. Photo: Harrison Watersports.


If you want to get into a wet ‘n’ wild water fight with your family and friends, hop onto a bumper boat!

Powered by an electric motor, each bumper boat comes equipped with an electric water gun that’s capable of spraying your opponents from up to 10 feet away. 

If you just want to float around on a lazy summer day, these individual bumper boats are perfect for getting the most out of the lake’s open and serene atmosphere.

See-Doos. Photo: Harrison Watersports.


For an action-packed, adrenaline rush of an afternoon on the lake, experience the thrill of riding a Sea-Doo on the open waters. 

You and a partner can jet around Harrison Lake on these GTI models, stacked with 130-HP engines that propel the watercraft at over 90 kph. Enjoy the high speed of the vessel or tour the natural beauty of the area that surrounds Echo Island at a leisurely pace.

Floating BBQ Boats. Photo: Harrison Watersports.


Nothing says summer like an outdoor picnic! You and your family and friends can spend quality time together on Harrison Lake on their floating BBQ boats

Your group can choose between bringing take-out or having a cook-out on the boat’s grill. Also included with the BBQ boat package is a bluetooth speaker sound system, a large shade umbrella, swim ladder, life jackets, and safety equipment. Don’t forget to bring your cooler and sunscreen!

Make a splash with this fun and safe outdoor adventure this summer!

Opening for the summer season on June 26th, Harrison Watersports Waterpark will be in operation daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. until September 6th. 

Guests are encouraged to book their 2-hour time slots for the waterpark, and the other available activities, in advance online through

Sign up for Harrison Watersports mailing list and you can get up to 30 percent off on future rentals.

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