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How this boutique law firm redefines legal services in Vancouver

Pioneering a new way of practicing law, aiming to provide a better legal experience for their clients and their growing team
The Winright Law team. Photo by TwinLens Photography

While the economics of freely spending money is under scrutiny in the post-COVID world, one’s legal needs are often viewed as a necessity. When push comes to shove, most people would rather have a lawyer in their corner than not. 

Winston Kam, founder and principal of Winright Law, credits its firm’s mission “to lead, inspire and create a better legal experience” for both its clients and its team, as well as its business model, for their continued success in today’s economic climate.

Winright specializes in real estate, business, wills and estate planning. The firm also does both transactional work and litigation work in all those areas, a rare phenomenon in the legal world unless retaining a larger law firm in Vancouver.

Despite being a mid-size boutique law firm, Winright has always felt that practicing in both solicitor’s work as well as litigation has given them the ability to work with their clients in good times and bad times.

Photo by TwinLens Photography

Winright Law differentiates itself by consistently taking a contrarian position to the traditional norms of the legal industry, opting to take a disruptive approach to the conventional law firm business model. 

Whereas the traditional law firm business model is built on charging their hourly rates from the get-go, Winright Law tries its best to provide clients with a value-based approach that not only starts with the initial consultation, but continues throughout. Winright will assemble a team that best serves to meet its initial estimate on legal fees, combining lower-priced legal assistants and junior lawyers, with higher-priced senior lawyers overseeing, with price adjustments occurring as is needed to meet client expectations. 

While Kam is wary of making this an outright guarantee, he says he has gone the extra distance for their clients to ensure Winright’s legal fees provided sufficient value to justify their fees, a practice often ignored in the legal industry.

Kam justifies this business model, because he focuses on the firm’s mission and the human element of the work, considering the client as a person they could know or treat as a friend before examining their case, to develop strategies and solutions that align not only with their budget and goals, but also to meet their comfort level and peace of mind as top priorities.

This transcends into how Winright fosters a better work environment for its staff and team members, promoting a collaborative open office work space. Kam furthers this by telling their team continually, “Working as a lawyer can be stressful, but your work environment and the people you work with don’t have to be.”

This is perhaps why Winright celebrates various awards this year, including but not limited to Best Business Lawyers in Vancouver – by Three Best Rated, the Canadian Excellence Award plus the 4 Best Real Estate Lawyers in Vancouver [2023] – by The Best Vancouver, and most recently, Globe & Mail’s Top Growing Companies of 2023.

Accolades aside, even though appreciated by Kam and his team, it’s the day to day, and getting into the grit of what makes this law firm tick and how they can ‘win right’ for their clients that motivates them.

For more information and to book an appointment, visit or call 604-559-2529.