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These community-minded realtors on the North Shore put their clients first

Botto Real Estate is featured in the 2021 Excellence in Real Estate Magazine.
Jasmine Botto Real Estate
Botto Real Estate Team.

Celebrating 31 years in business this year, the Botto Real Estate team is a dynamic force in the North Vancouver real estate market, covering Lynn Valley, Deep Cove, Lower Lonsdale, and other communities on the North Shore.

Botto Real Estate was established in 1989 by Grant Botto, and for the last decade, has been led by Jasmine Botto. 

Before taking the helm, Jasmine was mentored by her husband, from whom she learned best practices of the real estate business and honed her skills in negotiations and customer service. 

After obtaining her real estate license 21 years ago, she made the permanent switch to a career in the industry. The well-respected Realtor has been recognized at the ‘Red Diamond’ award level, placing her in the Top 2% of Royal LePage’s 18,000 Realtors across Canada. 

Today, the Botto team consists of Jasmine Botto and her associates, Traci Borer and Tallulah Fielder. 

Borer spends her time with and for buyers. With a great mind for negotiation and being an advocate for their clients,  Traci is tireless in finding a way for each client to win and loves being a part of this big decision in their lives. 

Botto Real Estate’s strong marketing presence is due in large part to Tallulah Fielder, the team’s ‘one woman marketing department’. Also exceptional with taking care of people, paperwork, and social media, the customer service and administrative specialist is key to the concierge service the team takes pride in offering. 

Together, the three women are driven by their shared values and the myriad of talents and strengths they each bring, all for the purpose of investing in helping their clients navigate the world of buying or selling a home.

For Botto, maintaining a close relationship with all those they work with is essential to building, maintaining, and expanding their clientele. 

"Making the business about the client is our strongest point of differentiation," says Botto on the team’s customer-first mindset. 

“Putting the customer first is a shared philosophy that feels right and has generated repeat & referral clientele - which is the type of business we are honored to have.”

While navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, the Botto team met everyday on Zoom to check in each other, as well as took the time to reach out to and check in on their clients. In the past year, the team has seen how the definition of home is shifting with the changing times.

“Home has a very different meaning now for a lot of people, with the possibility of being able to live anywhere opening up,” says Botto. “A lot of our clientele who have been settled in their homes for many years are considering relocating since they can work from home are retiring early, or moving to have more outdoor space.”

Jasmine believes that real estate on the vibrant, friendly, and progressive North Shore is going to continue to be desirable in the years to come.

North Vancouver specifically has always been one of the more stable markets in the Lower Mainland,” states Botto.  “It’s less volatile because it is considered that nice middle market area of Metro Vancouver, and the North Shore has much to offer with outdoor activities, good schools, and safe communities.”

In terms of Botto Real Estate’s goals for 2021, the team is committed to amplifying their digital marketing with educational video content to provide even more value to their clients and introducing new additions to their small but mighty workforce. As well, they look forward to returning to their active role in supporting communities in Lynn Valley, Lower Lonsdale, and throughout North Vancouver.

“We love to contribute to and support local projects and causes, particularly those to do with the arts, education and events that bring people together,” shares Botto. “We look forward to seeing more opportunities to help these communities open up again.”

Botto Real Estate is featured in the 2021 Excellence in Real Estate Magazine.