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You can grill on the water with these personal BBQ boats in Downtown Vancouver

For those who want to be the captain of their own ship... and grill.

For those who want to be the captain of their own ship... and grill.

 Photo: Joe's BBQ FacebookPhoto: Joe’s BBQ Facebook

You know how every summer you want to take advantage of the fabulous weather, but hiking or spending the day at the beach just feels a little… been there, done that?

Well, if you’re craving an original summer outing, we’ve got just the thing.

Joe’s BBQ Boat Rental is a boat rental company that specializes in one-of-a-kind electric boats equipped with fully functioning propane BBQs. These playful little floating circles of joy offer Vancouverites the opportunity to partake in a waterfront dining experience unlike anything else in the city.

 Photo: Joe's BBQ FacebookPhoto: Joe’s BBQ Facebook

This lazy-river-meets-BBQ experience lets you sail through False Creek as you cook, drink, grill and enjoy the view with just you and your friends. Each boat is powered by an eco-friendly electric engine that requires no fuel. Propane is provided, all you need to do is bring the food.

Joe’s boats accommodate a maximum of 8 people for 2.5 hours of on-the-water BBQing bliss. The first 30 minutes of your rental are reserved for safety training, that being said, no boating license is required. Once you’ve been trained, you’re free to take your party out on the water. Joe’s can provide dishware and cutlery or festive decorations for a birthday, anniversary or holiday at an extra charge.

Remember, you’re the captain here, which means the cooking and steering if up to you! That of course, is part of the fun.

Located on the docks of Granville Island's Maritime Market & Marina, Joe’s BBQ Boat Rentals has already served thousands of ecstatic customers. Rentals are available from 9:00am - 9:00pm seven days a week.

To learn more about rentals and availability, visit