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A clean home is effortless with KOHLER, and you could win $10,000 worth of their Smart Home products!

KOHLER Clean’s hygiene-related products are freshening up the kitchen and the bathroom. You can enter to win $10,000 worth of KOHLER Smart Home products and make your space effortlessly clean.
Touchless Kitchen Faucet. Photo: KOHLER

With all of this time spent at home over the last few months, we’re willing to bet that you’ve come to appreciate a clean living space more than ever before.

“KOHLER Clean transforms your kitchen and bathroom experiences and enables you to discover a cleaner clean. Featuring a range of new products that can be inter-connected with KOHLER Konnect® technology, cutting edge functionalities such as fast and accurate sensors for touchless faucets help prevent the spread of germs. For the ultimate in cleanliness and convenience, KOHLER® Clean promotes a clean home and body and enhances the overall functionality of your house.”

Touchless Kitchen Faucet. Photo: KOHLER 

In the functional and hands-free Touchless Kitchen, meal prep, cleanup, and other kitchen chores become easier and more in your control without a touch.

Powered by accurate and reliable Response technology, the KOHLER touchless kitchen faucet makes your daily tasks more efficient and hygienic. From splatters to spills, touchless faucets help you reign in chaos and minimize the spread of germs through cross-contamination. With the wave of your hand or a kitchen utensil under the arch of the spout, you can keep your faucet handle spotless and germ-free. The Response® touchless sensor activates in 20 milliseconds, and after four minutes of inactivity, the automatic shutoff feature kicks in.

Through the two-function sprayhead, you can easily switch from the default stream spray to either the wide and powerful sweep spray to make cleaning up a breeze, or to the gentle spray mode for rinsing fruits and other foods in your sink.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, smart kitchen faucets powered by KOHLER Konnect technology deliver unprecedented levels of productivity. The Sensate faucet’s virtual kitchen assistant is activated by voice command or the under-spout motion sensor. Voice commands at the ready include:

  • Turning faucet on and off with your voice 

  • Accurately pouring specific amounts of water (“Dispense 3 cups”) 

  • Monitoring water usage (“Check my water usage”) 

  • Creating your own custom settings (“Fill my coffee pot”) 

Intelligent Toilet. Photo: KOHLER

From bidet toilet seats that keep you feeling clean to ContinuousClean intelligent toilets that clean themselves, The Cleaner Bathroom transforms your bathroom into a sanctuary of freshness with every flush.  

KOHLER’s bidet toilet seats lead the way towards a cleaner clean with comfort and ease. The manual bidet can be installed sans an electrical outlet, and comes with adjustable settings for spray position and water pressure. For even more options, the advanced bidet models include heated seats, warm-water cleansing, automatic deodorization, and programmable settings.  

KOHLER’s intelligent toilets are the ultimate in sleek design and functionality, with hands-free opening and closing, warm-air drying, a touch-screen remote control, and personalized settings. Through ContinuousClean’s self-cleaning technology, measured amounts of cleanser are dispensed with each flush, keeping your bowl clean for up to 5x longer. Revolution 360 toilets boast a powerful swirl flush technology that sends a cascade of water flowing around the bowl, thus covering more surface area for a more complete flush.

From touchless faucets to bidet seats, these smart-tech enabled solutions help maintain personal hygiene as well as home hygiene, ensuring everything is nice and tidy throughout the home. With KOHLER Clean, your cleaning tasks are done faster and easier, with continued freshness and cleanliness guaranteed day after day.

Thanks to KOHLER, you have an opportunity to win 1 of 4 prizes of up to $10,000 in Smart Home products, including KOHLER Clean products!

To enter for your chance at winning KOHLER Smart Home products, visit