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You could win $10,000 worth of KOHLER Smart Home products to enhance your self-care

Smart home technology is transforming self-care as we know it. You could win $10,000 worth of KOHLER Smart Home products and bring the at-home spa experience into your personal space!
Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror / Photo: KOHLER

As we begin to spend more quality time staying in, we are appreciating and connecting with our homes like never before.

The smart home revolution is shaping how we spend our “me time” when unwinding and rejuvenating after a long and busy day. KOHLER’s collection of Smart Home technology allows one to reimagine the possibilities of their self-care routine within their own personal space.

The bathroom is transformed into your very own wellness retreat with KOHLER’s smart home tech, including a range of products designed to enhance showering and beautification. Through automation, you can customize your wellness routine to soothe your senses and address your needs according to your own preferences, allowing you to treat yourself to a unique, meaningful, and comforting at-home spa experience within your own space.

Whether you’re styling your hair, applying your make-up, or putting on your face mask, the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror is there to help you fulfill your beauty ritual. The smart mirror’s built-in voice assistant reacts to your vocal commands, adjusting to suit prime lighting levels to enable you to both look good and feel good as you practice self-care.

From washing away your worries to centering your focus, and even inspiring creative epiphanies, a good shower has the power to be a highly effective sanctuary for relieving stress and boosting energy.

The DTV+ digital showering system delivers an immersive and tailored smart showering experience that responds to your every request through voice-enabled technology. You can control all elements of your shower through the touch of your fingertips with the DTV+ KOHLER Konnect smartphone app. Shower settings, such as on/off, steam, temperature, lighting, and even music, are managed with ease by responding to pre-programmed and pre-set voice commands as simple as “start my morning shower”.  With DTV+, just say the word and your shower will adapt in real time to suit your needs for a full sensory shower. 

The kitchen is an essential space for self-care for those who find relief in preparing a meal for themselves or for their company. Meal preparation and clean-up is made easy with the Sensate touchless kitchen faucet. The voice-controlled and motion-activated kitchen assistant allows for hands-free operation of the faucet’s advanced sensor, which picks up on commands to turn the faucet on and off and to dispense measured pours of water. Sensate’s pull-down spray head can also switch modes from regular stream to Sweep spray for more effective and forceful cleaning. With the assistance of a touchless smart faucet, the kitchen is transformed into another realm of care and attention in your home.

From your ideal shower settings to stress-free food prep, KOHLER Smart Home products allow you to easily set your preferences all in one place. With a smart bathroom or kitchen upgrade, you can enhance your well-being through an automated self-care routine, letting your surroundings take care of you as you take care of yourself.

Thanks to KOHLER, you have an opportunity to win 1 of 4 prizes of up to $10,000 in Smart Home products!

To enter for your chance at winning KOHLER Smart Home products, visit

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