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You could win KOHLER Smart Home products to help you automate your daily routines

Discover a smarter routine for your home. Enter for a chance to win 1 of 4 prizes of up to $10,000 worth in KOHLER Smart Home products!
KOHLER Konnect ™ App. Photo: KOHLER

We put a lot of work into making our space our own, from upgrading our appliances to keeping our rooms clean. Isn’t it time to have your home do the work for you too?

In today’s modern home, automated systems are enhancing the functionalities of the home in everyday life. With smart home technology like those offered by KOHLER’s Smart Home Products, you can optimize your entire daily routine through setting your personal preferences and enabling tasks with voice and motion activation for a truly connected home experience. 

For a more convenient, comfortable, and fresher bathroom experience, KOHLER’s intelligent toilets and self-cleansing seats feature personalized settings and hands-free operation to reduce the spread of germs and to activate automatic deodorization

KOHLER’s intelligent toilets provide a fully-integrated and automated cleansing experience. The toilet lid opens automatically when your approach is sensed, and flushes and closes when you are finished. With the intuitive touch-screen remote control, you can program your toilet settings so that your exact preferences are available at the touch of a button. Even more, the intelligent toilet’s self-cleansing wand rinses itself before and after use, and the wand is automatically disinfected with a powerful UV light every 24 hours to ensure a completely hygienic experience.

The PureWarmth® heated toilet seat with LED night light takes your toilet to the next level with a more customizable experience. You can adjust your desired seat temperature level, lighting brightness settings, and colour illumination options — all from the convenience of the KOHLER PureWarmth® app. You may even set scheduled preferences to automatically change the temperatures throughout the course of the day.

With the digital shower, you can customize your shower routine without even lifting a finger. KOHLER’s DTV+™ Smart Showering System allows you to control everything from your water temperature to your water flow with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. Power through the KOHLER Konnect™ app, it’s easy to control every element of your shower from your smartphone. Even more, you can personalize your shower to feel like a spa retreat with pre-programmed settings for steam, light, and music to enrich your showering experience.

Touchless Sensate® kitchen faucet. Photo: KOHLER

You can streamline your cooking and cleaning kitchen routines through the touchless Sensate® smart faucet. With voice-activated technology, the faucet dispenses water in response to spoken commands such as “turn my faucet on” and “pour two cups” for specific measurement amounts. In addition to voice control, this Sensate® faucet includes a Response® motion sensor that turns water on and off with a wave of your hand or an object. 

The touchless faucet’s two-function, pull-down spray head with touch-control allows you to switch between the stream spray and Sweep® spray — a powerful blade of water for easier cleaning to sweep dishes and the sink clean — modes, making for a cleaner and more efficient kitchen environment. 

Additionally, the temperature memory features allows the faucet to be turned on and off at the temperature set during prior usage. Sensate® also works with the Konnect™ app so you can monitor water usage and flow levels.

Thanks to KOHLER, you have an opportunity to win 1 of 4 prizes of up to $10,000 in Smart Home products to improve the smart home connectivity of your bathroom and kitchen!

To enter for your chance to win KOHLER Smart Home products, visit

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