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Doors open to Vancouver’s Most Sustainable Homes on Commercial Drive at this VIP event

Experience future-built Passive Homes on October 16th at Dimex Group’s special VIP preview event featuring Lakewood on Commercial Drive.
Lakewood on Commercial Drive

Passive Homes are like the Teslas of Townhomes — they’re all electric, lower your carbon footprint, look sleek and modern, and are focused on reducing your carbon emissions (in the home, which makes up 40% of total consumption). 

In the heart of Vancouver’s Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood right off of Commercial Drive, Dimex Group is establishing the future of sustainable residential-urban living today with their latest Passive Home development project.

Lakewood Kitchen Area. Photo: Dimex Group

Located on 1st Avenue and Lakewood Drive, Lakewood is a collection of 24 contemporary properties — featuring 1-bedroom garden homes and 3-bedroom townhomes — focused on unparalleled comfort, flexible customization, and clean and contemporary European-inspired style. 

Spacious and luxurious spaces are a key feature of Lakewood, from bedrooms with wall-to-wall closets to U-shaped kitchens featuring stainless steel appliances and elegant quartz countertops. You can even choose your own interior contemporary colour scheme to bring your dream home to life.

In terms of the intended impact of the Passive Home concept, these energy-efficient homes aim to reduce heating costs by 15K over 10 years with triple glazed windows, 7 inches of increased airtight insulation, and Passive Home heat recovery systems.

You can see the eco-friendly homes of the future right now at Lakewood’s VIP Preview Event on October 16. ​​Plus, Lakewood will be offering a limited-time special incentive of 45K on all 3-bedroom townhomes (including air conditioning upgrade) until the end of October. 

Register for the VIP Event on October 16th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. by contacting the Presentation Centre (610-1155 West Pender Street) at 604-629-9984 or or directly on the VIP Lakewood event registration page. Please note all guests must register for COVID-19 safety measures. 

Lakewood is located in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhoodt. Photo: AIRISA Photography for Dimex Group

Lakewood is stationed just steps away from Commercial Drive in Grandview-Woodland, one of Vancouver’s most iconic communities, and is within walking distance to 300+ restaurants, the tranquil Trout Lake, easy SkyTrain access to downtown Vancouver, and the newly-announced Broadway extension from Commercial Station to VGH, which is currently in the works. 

The Drive's friendly atmosphere, cultural diversity, and locally-owned boutiques, shops, and eateries create a way of life that is naturally welcoming, and is about to take an exciting transformation into a pedestrian and cycling-focused village within the city.

Forward-thinking environmentally-minded Passive Homes such as Lakewood are more than simply a home for today, but are meant to be a home for generations to come.

Learn more about Lakewood by booking a private appointment today at