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This Surrey Optometrist is offering Free Dry Eye Assessments and a chance to Win Blue Light Glasses and a Dry Eye Treatment (Valued at $1500)

Surrey’s top rated optometry clinic Look Optometry + Eyewear announces 1000 free dry eye assessments, with the chance to win a free pair of blue light glasses and a $1500 dry eye treatment.
For those with good taste, and bad eye sight.

With the work climate profoundly impacted by both COVID-19 and the reality of our digital world, an increasing number of people are being exposed to more screen time and higher levels of blue light. 

Dry eyes are a direct symptom of too much screen time and can have long-term health implications. 

Look Optometry + Eyewear, a Surrey-based optometrist and a leader in eye care, is tackling this issue head-on. With the increase in dry eye cases they have seen at their clinic, they are proactively offering FREE dry eye assessments to the community until April 14th. 

And when you book your FREE dry eye assessment online, you will be automatically entered in their draw on April 15th for free blue light glasses and dry eye treatment ($1500 value).

Dr. Vanessa Wang. Photo: Look Optometry + Eyewear.

What exactly is blue light?

Blue light is a wavelength of light that is reflected by our eyes. It is extremely short compared to other types of light, such as red or yellow. This is important to note because blue light produces higher amounts of energy in comparison to other types of light. 

Since blue light is 2x shorter than red light, this leads to more energy being consumed by our eyes at a faster rate than other lights.

Natural blue light can be highly beneficial in the daytime by balancing circadian rhythm, increasing motivation, boosting alertness, and heightening your mood. 

However, artificial blue light (the light emitted from smartphones, tablets and computer screens) can cause a number of side effects such as

  • Eyestrain 
  • Headaches 
  • Tiredness 
  • Macular damage 
  • Ptergyium (tissue growth on the cornea) 
  • Dry eyes 
  • Cataracts 

Since human eyes are not equipped to filter out these blue rays, the best option is to use blue light blocking glasses. 

Dr. Shailinder S. Bhullar. Photo: Look Optometry + Eyewear.

How can Look Optometry help?

Look Optometry is hoping to help people who have been experiencing heightened eye strain and blue light exposure as a result of increased screen time. Symptoms may include poor sleep habits, weight gain, and brain fog. 

With the #1 rating for Surrey optometrist clinics, these Surrey optometrists directly cater to lessening the effects that blue light has on our everyday lives. 

With extremely specialized equipment, Look Optometry caters to dry eyes, vision concerns, astigmatism and overall eye health. For dry eye treatment, they have diagnostic equipment such as meibography, tear film analysis and tear film osmolarity testing. In fact, Look Optometry was the first clinic in Canada to have Blephex, a lid cleansing treatment that provides long lasting relief from dry eyes.

Trusting that your optician has the experience to properly diagnose eye conditions is critical. With Look Optometry, you can feel confident knowing that their licensed and experienced opticians will deliver the highest standard of personalized eyecare with eye exams, treatments, and checkups catered to your needs.

Book your free dry eye assessment and be entered into the giveaway today at

The draw takes place on April 15th, 2021. The winner will be announced on Look Optometry + Eyewear’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, and will be contacted directly via phone call or email.

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