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You’ll be floored by the luxurious look and feel of this Vancouver home flooring company

Vancouver lifestyle blogger Monika Hibbs is devoted to using Divine Flooring’s unique and stylish luxury flooring in her family’s home build projects.
Divine Flooring in Monika Hibbs’ new home.

With a passion and eye for interior home design, Vancouver-based lifestyle blogger Monika Hibbs has made home decor a key part of her brand.

Based in Langley with their three children, Monika and her husband Troy have built three homes together. They share the process of building and designing their spaces with their followers on, including every detail “from interior paint colours and lighting, to the shingles on the exterior of our home.”

This endeavour has led Hibbs to forge great relationships and opportunities with local, national, and international home design brands, such as Divine Flooring, a popular choice for Canadian interior designers and home decorators for their unique and stylish luxury flooring.

She first discovered Divine Flooring five years ago at the Interior Design Show in Vancouver.

“The way they brand themselves really speaks to me and immediately gave me confidence that I'm going to be in good hands with this company.”

At the time, Hibbs was in search of a company that provides a realm of beautiful hardwood flooring that both work as the perfect blank canvas for finishing touches and could stand the test of time.

“Divine Flooring was one of the companies that had the best reputable source for their oak floors,” says Hibbs. “Not only do they wear well, they also look really great.”

Hibbs’ classic and nostalgic tastes are supported by Divine Flooring’s impeccable style and workmanship. Divine was factored heavily into their family’s previous and current home build projects.

Farmhouse Cabbiavoli European Oak hardwood flooring in Hibbs’ previous kitchen. Photo: Tracey Ayton Photography.

“In our previous house, we used Divine’s Farmhouse Cabbiavoli European Oak hardwood flooring to correspond with our coastal-farmhouse styled home,” shares Hibbs. “The white inlay was quite unique.”

Hibbs’ new home includes Cosmopolitan Naked European Oak hardwood flooring from Divine. Her tiny home store also incorporates this flooring as a base for the white and pastel accents throughout the small space. It’s an aesthetically pleasing choice that doesn’t detract from their store's merchandise, which includes home accessories, lighting, furniture, and other home decor items.

The Hibbs’ next build project will include an office space renovation for the couple, along with a barn extension, in their newest home.

“Our house has engineered hardwood, whereas the barn will have luxury vinyl plank, which looks just like real wood.”

Cosmopolitan Naked European Oak hardwood flooring in Hibbs’ new kitchen. Photo: Monika Hibbs.

Hibbs’ advice for those looking into revamping their home flooring is to determine which finish works best in your home by seeing it in person first.

“The best way to start is to go to a showroom, and Divine Flooring has great showrooms in multiple places across Canada,” says Hibbs. “Once you're in the showroom, you will develop a good understanding of the different types of colours and feels to each floor. You can see the array of everything they have from wide plank to different designs to the different inlays.”

Then, she recommends taking samples home to see how it looks and works in your space. 

“Every home has different lighting to it, so something that might look more gray in the showroom might actually look warmer in your home,” says Hibbs. “Compare the samples to other aspects of your home to see if it will refresh or break up your space. Also, compare it to your hardware or metals. That all comes to play.”

To Hibbs, Divine Flooring is ahead of the game, offering a glimpse into the future of home design.

“Seeing how inventive they are, they're really following where the design trends are going,” says Hibbs.

After working with Divine for a number of years, Hibbs has developed a strong sense of trust with the brand and its products.

“Divine is a trusted company in the marketplace,” says Hibbs. “I've heard this over and over from other home designers, and from our followers and friends that have worked with the company because of our referral. We can truly speak to the product by living every day and walking on these floors.”

“The team at Divine is very welcoming, very knowledgeable, and just truly amazing,” adds Hibbs. “They've done such a good job with treating their customers well. We are confident to use their floors in our home again and again.”

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