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Explore new interior design possibilities in your home and office with this game-changing renovation solution

Nelcos provides quick and easy interior surface refinishing for any space with the innovative, self-adhesive Bodaq Interior Film.
Interior Architectural Film.

With the arrival of spring comes the desire to spruce up your home and office and welcome in new inspiration and energy into your live and work spaces. 

If you don’t want to spend a ton of time and money into a renovation project yet want to make a big change in a subtle way, consider this easy, fast, and cost-effective solution for interior upgrades.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Nelcos specializes in surface renovation solutions through the distribution of architectural film, an interior, self-adhesive vinyl film that can be applied to solid surfaces to change its colour, finish, and texture. 

This innovative product offers a world of options in material choice; giving homeowners the freedom to refresh their homes without disrupting their lives and providing office and commercial interior managers the option to restyle their environments without creating material waste.

Bodaq Vinyl Interior Film. Photo: Nelcos.

Interior vinyl film is suitable anywhere in residential and commercial spaces where there is a demand for a design-forward durable surfaces, including:

  • refinishing existing pieces and creating unique designs for livable spaces
  • renovating the interior of a building so the areas of usage look fresh
  • creating comfortable workplaces by refinishing existing furniture and covering walls with beautiful but durable material.

Nelcos offers a wide variety of architectural film finishes for many parts of the home and office, including for doors, walls and panels, cabinets, furniture, and countertops. Patterns within Nelcos' catalog include everything from solid colours, wood, stone and marble, metal, fabric, leather, and more.

Distributed through Nelcos, Bodaq Interior Film is a lightweight and non-toxic finishing solution for surface coverage that has exceptional durability and stain resistance, allowing its appearance to be maintained for more than 10 years.

Eco-friendly and flame retardant with antibacterial properties, Bodaq’s stable performance is certified by relevant international testing agencies.

With architectural film, the installation process is made simple, allowing you to refresh your space with sensibility and style in no time!

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