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This online holistic nutrition program will help you achieve your greatest health and wellness goals

Want to make healthier eating a bigger priority? Certified holistic nutritionist Alyssa Bauman can help you make wellness and feeling good an essential part of your lifestyle!
Alyssa Bauman.

If you’ve been wanting to implement healthier lifestyle choices to your everyday routine, now is a good time to start!

For health coach, certified holistic nutritionist, and wellness warrior Alyssa Bauman, a commitment to helping her clients make healthy a habit is what fuels her work.  

Since moving from the fast-paced New York City to the health-oriented city of Vancouver, the former journalist experienced a significant shift in her lifestyle when she started to really concentrate on healthy eating.

"I really saw a change not only on my physical appearance, but also on my mental energy, outlook, stamina, and overall happiness,” says Alyssa. “I felt happier, freer, and at my personal best.”

Fascinated by how food affects the body and the body’s marvelous ability to care for itself when fueled properly, the certified holistic nutritionist was inspired to start her business — Nourished by Alyssa B

Through Nourished, Alyssa wants to help and educate people form healthy habits so they feel their best by guiding them towards cultivating conscious food decisions.

Nourished’s ultimate objective is to help people — no matter where they are in their health and wellness journey — learn healthy habits that set them up for a lifetime of wellness. 

In an expansion of her one-on-one coaching sessions, Alyssa has introduced a brand new online program that’s designed to help wellness seekers set their own foundational nutrition plan.

Alyssa Bauman. Photo provided by Nourished by Alyssa B.

Based on the nutritional methodology created and tested by Alyssa over the last 15 years, The A to B Foundation is a 4-week nutrition program for those who want to revamp their nutrition approach and reset in a big way by customizing and following their own daily healthy habits.

Designed to be done all online and at your own pace, The A to B Foundation can be easily integrated into your schedule. Materials such as educational videos, curated recipes, mindfulness tips, and more help participants boost their nutrition knowledge while discovering how delicious healthy food is. The results don’t lie!

For those new to the health and wellness path, what action can they take to work on their healthy habits right now? Alyssa says it’s about building a conscious connection with eating well.  

"Add more plants, more greens, and more whole foods into your food intake, and reduce the amount of processed foods, packaged foods, and sugar you intake,” recommends Alyssa. “Make those fundamental mind shifts towards what you eat, when you're eating, and how you're eating."

Shifting your perspective towards getting healthy is the other crucial half of cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

"It's not about going on a diet and never eating this or that again,” says Alyssa. “Restriction is paralyzing. You get into this detrimental psychology with food as something to fear. Finding the balance and what works for you is key. Eating well isn’t just about eating for nutrition’s sake — it’s something that fuels your life.”

In her holistic health work, Alyssa aims to have her clients experience the whole impacts of a healthy lifestyle within the body, mind, and spirit. At the end of the day, it’s all about feeling good — and food is the catalyst.

“We all want to feel alive, grounded and excited for each day and receptive to whatever life brings our way, but there's also nothing wrong with where you are right now,” says Alyssa. “Instead of focusing on the things you need to change in your life, focus on doing the things that make you feel good."

For more info on The A to B Foundation program, visit and follow Nourished on Instagram at @nourishedbyalyssa.