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Relive top moments in Canadian sports history at this Richmond museum

The Richmond Olympic Experience at the Richmond Olympic Oval allows fans of the Games to share in the athletic spirit through informative exhibits, physical challenges, interactive simulations, and more
Torch Gallery at Richmond Olympic Experience. Photo: PlantedinTech / Richmond Olympic Experience.

Even after the medals had all been awarded and the torch was passed on to the next host city, the spirit of the 2010 Winter Games continues to live on in the city. In fact, fans of the Games can experience it all over again at the Richmond Olympic Experience at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

Reopening to the public on Friday, June 3, the museum has many new exhibits and experiences to engage fans of the Games. 

You can uncover the origins and timeline of the Games throughout the years through displays of historical artefacts, plus digital archives detailing the greatest moments in the history of the Games on both the Canadian and international levels. Some of the exhibit highlights include:

  • An up-close look at iconic torches from around the world in the Torch Gallery
  • A replay of Team Canada’s performance highlights from Canadian heroes —Donovan Bailey and Wayne Gretzky to Hailey Wickenheiser and Patrick Chan — throughout the Games
  • A dazzling display of gold, silver, and bronze medals from around the world in the Medal Gallery
  • A deep dive into the science of sports, covering centuries of technological advances that have pushed the Games forward
Interactive Surfing experience at Richmond Olympic Experience. Photo: PlantedinTech / Richmond Olympic Experience.

​New to the Richmond Olympic Experience, Interactive sports simulators combine real sporting equipment with 180° screens so you can get into the thrill of competition virtually. Some of the featured activities include: 

  • Surfing: Hang ten on the waves of Tofino or Costa Rica (newest addition)
  • Kayaking: Grab your paddle and navigate through raging whitewater rapids on a Chilliwack river course.
  • Sit-skiing: Race your way down an Alberta giant slalom course on a sit-ski 
  • Bobsledding: White-knuckle through the blinding speed and icy turns of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games track
  • Race car: Drive a Formula 1 and ride the fine balance between speed and stability 
Hockey Hall of Game at Richmond Olympic Experience. Photo: PlantedinTech / Richmond Olympic Experience.

For fans of Canada’s national winter sport and all-around favourite game, Richmond Olympic Experience’s hockey exhibit revisits Canada’s most iconic hall of fame moments on the ice. 

Guests will also have an opportunity to take a souvenir snapshot wearing Team Canada gear in the interactive locker room full of Canadian jerseys, test their stickhandling skills in an interactive shooting game, and even play bubble hockey. 

To go for the gold and feel the rush of competition first-hand, you can put yourself to the test by engaging in physical feats of strength and skill through interactive challenges fit for all ages and abilities, such as:

  • Lifting the thunderous weight of a shot put iron
  • Testing your grip on a climbing hold and seeing how long you can stay suspended in the air
  • Drawing an archery arrow with a recurve bow and letting it fly
  • Perfecting your balance beam routine on the classic gymnastics apparatus
  • Taking your best vertical leap and seeing how high you can jump to match basketball’s greatest

As the first member of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Museums Network to be located in North America, the Richmond Olympic Experience is more than just a showcase of the sport’s past, present, and future—it’s an interactive space designed to celebrate the power of sport and to evoke the athletic spirit within everyone who visits.

Richmond Olympic Experience is located at the Richmond Olympic Oval on 6111 River Road. Get your tickets now at