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Revolutionizing real estate through the power of storytelling

Discover the art of luxury home selling with Ronn Diaz
Ronn Diaz.

Being one of the top 10% of realtors in Greater Vancouver, Ronn Diaz became a realtor with one great goal in mind. 

“Through the means of storytelling, I want to simplify the process of selling a property for my clients– which otherwise can be very overwhelming for non-professionals to maneuver,” he explains. 

As a member of Angell Hasman & Associates Realty, an industry leader in marketing the Lower Mainland's most exclusive properties, Diaz specializes in the luxury real estate market in the Fraser Valley. He loves being part of the home selling journey of clients that are selling in the White Rock-South Surrey and Langley areas. 

“I love what I do and with every new day I strive to become better at it,” says Diaz. He considers his attitude to be his biggest strength. “I have a strong energy towards my job and my clients see that. I’m extremely passionate and straight up obsessed with real estate and I want to be the most skilled agent I can be.”

Bringing properties and their spaces to life

The purpose of Diaz’s storytelling as a realtor is to bring each property to life and to help prospective buyers envision how the property can accommodate their ideal daily lives; this property could become the dream home they have been searching for all along. “It is about the stories these spaces can tell, the lifestyle they offer, and the potential they hold,” he says.

“I don’t just sell homes – I sell lifestyles, dreams, and aspirations,” continues Diaz. “The luxury market is not just about square footage or bedroom counts—it's about selling a vision of life at its most refined.”

Diaz has a background in acting and he draws on those skills in order to create compelling and informational stories about the properties. Diaz’s personal interactions with his clients are very important to helping him understand their needs and tailor a specialized marketing approach to advertise their homes effectively. Additionally, he frequently creates videos as an important medium of storytelling to highlight the unique features of his clients’ properties and draw in prospective buyers.

“I aim to be descriptive in my videos. I want to guide my clients with straightforward information,” he says. By producing and sharing videos on his website and social media profiles, Diaz showcases his unique marketing approach.

Top-notch quality 

Diaz’s videos speak for themselves: they are excellent quality, credible, informative, often funny, and they receive a high number of clicks. Whenever one of Diaz’s clients decides to buy or sell a property, the real estate advisor then creates personalized videos, flip charts, and checklists. “I want to be as transparent as possible and advise my clients at each step throughout the process. I want to make the process of selling a home a fun experience,” he says. 

Diaz is a distinguished realtor who puts his own spin on real estate. Transparency, integrity, authenticity, and commitment to his clients’ satisfaction are highly important to him. His profession is more than a job. 

“Being a real estate consultant isn't just a job, it's a calling and a privilege. When I succeed in helping my client, I feel beyond fulfilled,” he says, adding “It gives me purpose. It gives me fuel.” 

To get in touch with Ronn Diaz, visit his website at, call 778-822-3429, or email

Ronn Diaz is featured in the 2023 Excellence in Real Estate magazine.